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Hilton Tips Its Hat to Travel Agents With WowMakers Campaign

Travel Agent Gabe Zaldivar October 25, 2016

Hilton Tips Its Hat to Travel Agents With WowMakers Campaign

PHOTO: Hilton honors travel professionals as WowMakers. (Photo courtesy YouTube/Hilton)

You’re the real MVPs, travel agents.

That seems to be the sentiment from Hilton, which has just launched an initiative called WowMakers (h/t Travel Market Report) – a campaign that is aimed at applauding travel professionals that go the extra mile to pull back the curtain on all that is special about travel.

Hilton understands that it’s those professionals that escalate a simple trip into an experience that will resonate for decades with their clients.

The following from Hilton explains the impetus behind the WowMaker campaign, highlighting those people who put the glitz and glamor into what really could be otherwise drab meetings or travel group excursions.

It’s that dedication that makes a conference or event into something you might not want to ever leave.

There is even a Museum of Wow, which highlights individuals that epitomize what makes a WowMaker.

Ten people are recognized, such as Diana Wilt who explained that in 2010 a man called from London trying to get home to Boston to see his daughter’s first communion.

As Wilt explains, there was an Icelandic volcano eruption, which inevitably wreaked havoc on flights.

Wilt worked diligently to get him home and finally found a solution through Zurich. As the travel professional explains, “once he landed in Boston, he called me to express his gratitude.”

Wilt continues, “He was so thankful for my commitment to get him home that he was literally crying.”

It would be thanks enough to hear that phone call filled with gratitude, or to see the many smiles on faces that were enjoying your meticulously planned event, but Hilton is going a step further by recognizing WowMakers like Wilt.

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More than recognition, the website comes loaded with various items such as an infographic that breaks down tech savvy clientele and the numbers that illustrate how to cater to this demographic. Or, if you are under the travel counselor umbrella, there are items for you to utilize, such as a graphic dedicated to the subject of travel stress.

As Travel Market Explains, there is also a social media component to the launch: Simply do as the WowMakers in the Museum of Wow have done and tell us all your own wow moment in tweet form with #WowMakersContest.

The feed is sure to be replete with amazing tales of creativity and dedication, but there can only be one winner.

You have until Nov. 15 to really, well, wow officials who have a chance at amazing gifts including a one-night state at a Hilton and a $250 Ticketmaster gift card.

Hilton isn’t the only one to see your hard work, because we all thank you.