Last updated: 06:53 PM ET, Wed October 26 2016

Travelers are Using Travel Agents More Than Ever

Travel Agent Jessica Kleinschmidt October 23, 2016

Travelers are Using Travel Agents More Than Ever

photo courtesy Insight Vacations

There are so many travel resources on the internet it seems like booking your next vacation would be a piece of cake. That's the thing, there are a ridiculous number of sites and information you can use in order to take care of an adventure to the point where it could cause some frustrations.

Before you throw your computer across the room, there are still travel agents available to assist you. Yes, there are still travel agents around, actual human beings, to help you. Making sure your travel experience is a painless experience is literally their job.

According to, the agents are trained to become specialists in various travel products — adventure, multigenerational/group, cruise and luxury.

They are "saviors of information" according to the site which is ultimately what we need when we are overwhelmed with all of the info we are given over the course of our research. "What stresses people today," said Matthew D. Upchurch, chairman and chief executive of Virtuoso, a luxury travel network, "isn't the lack of information. … It's not knowing if they are asking the right questions."

Even lately with all of the information at your fingertips and in a time where a lot of us are guilty of having shorter attention spans and not a lot of human interaction, the search on social media for travel agents is still available and occurs. 

The need for a travel agent seems to be growing. The site says "travel and hospitality marketing firm MMGY found that in 2015, 18 percent of travelers worked with an adviser, a 50 percent jump from the previous year."

So before you let the stress get the best of you remember there are people that can help you.