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TravelPulse Radio: Elite Travel CEO Tammy Levent Breaks Down the Latest Trends

Travel Agent Patrick Clarke November 02, 2016

TravelPulse Radio: Elite Travel CEO Tammy Levent Breaks Down the Latest Trends

PHOTO: The star of the infamous Cabo seal incident. (Photo courtesy of Tammy Levent) 

Travel agents are alive and well.

To prove that point, TravelPulse Radio co-hosts Tim Wood and Barry Kaufman brought on Elite Travel CEO and TravelPulse columnist Tammy Levent this week to chat about the latest travel trends, destinations and experiences. 

"Group travel is really big right now for milestones and events," says Levent. "Birthdays are a really big thing."

Levent points out that many travelers are no longer waiting for marquee dates like their 30th or 50th birthday to take a trip. What's more, travelers are also finding silver linings in unhappy events, including divorce, with many looking to party in paradise rather than sulk at home.

When it comes to picking a destination, Levent says Mexico and the Caribbean still reign supreme, pointing out that "Cabo is really hot."

One of the top trends Levent has noticed is people planning ahead and booking travel well in advance, which she considers a good thing. "People are planning way out, a year out," says Levent. "I have people calling me for 2018." 

The travel expert also says that while cruises are down, all-inclusives and experiential travel are taking off.

Levent also explains the Travel Agent Success Kit (TASK) and talks about the time a seal swam onto her boat while fishing in Cabo San Lucas.

You can listen to the entire interview with Levent (starting at the 1:03:45 mark) and Episode 4 of TravelPulse Radio in its entirety below.