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5 Expert Travel Tips On Keeping Your Information Safe And Secure

Travel Technology | Gabe Zaldivar | May 05, 2016

5 Expert Travel Tips On Keeping Your Information Safe And Secure

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Technology is great. It allows us to stay connected with loved ones back at home and delivers a wealth of information while we are on vacation. Sadly, it also means there is just one more thing to worry about while we travel.

It used to be that we worried mainly about keeping tabs on our travel partners, our passport and money.

With the advent of the smartphone and tablet, there’s another level of security we have to consider.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take a tech wizard to keep your information safe. We can all be a bit more careful thanks to experts who do know a thing or two about digital security.

Bill Carey is the vice president of marketing & business development at Siber Systems Inc., which you might know as the people behind password manager RoboForm.

Carey was kind enough to establish five crucial tips to keep your information as private as possible amid your travels.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Data charges are ridiculous. It’s the main reason we tend to sip from our smartphone’s information stream as gingerly as possible when traveling. A free Wi-Fi solution might seem like a beautiful idea.

Carey warns that this isn’t always the case: “Free public Wi-Fi is available in many places while traveling, but security can be an issue. It's fairly simple for hackers to set up a rogue network, name it something generic like ‘Free Wi-Fi’ and make you think it's free access to the Internet. If you’re in a coffee shop or someplace where the Wi-Fi can be verified, make sure it is a legitimate connection before connecting. Never use public Wi-Fi to login to secure accounts and risk exposing your usernames and passwords.”

Secure Your Mobile Devices

Obviously, there are things you can do well before your trip to ensure your information is locked behind a randomly generated password.

Carey states: “Make sure your phone and portable devices have PINs and keep them in sight (or in your pocket) at all times. Adding a PIN will lock your phone and protect your data from thieves. Most mobile device theft is a crime of opportunity. Therefore, don’t leave your devices out of site.”

Never Use Public Computers

You are stuck in the hotel without a phone or tablet and desperately want to touch base with family at home or absolutely need to check on your bank account.

Sometimes it’s better to use a phone: “Public computers like those found in hotel business centers and libraries can be loaded with malware, keyloggers, etc. and should be avoided. When using public computers, you should assume there is no privacy, and at a very minimum, avoid logging into websites so that you don’t expose your passwords.”

Utilize the Hotel Safe

Obviously, nothing is fool proof. But doing something as simple as leaving your most precious items locked away can be a tremendous help.

Carey continues: “When leaving your hotel room you should always store your portable devices in the hotel safe. Taking this simple precaution will help ensure your devices are protected from other guests and hotel staff.”

Consider Using a VPN Service

Lastly, there is one level of digital armor you can use to protect your devices if you absolutely must tap into a local solution.

Carey offers: “Let’s face it…sometimes we’re in a pinch and we need to use public Wi-Fi or the hotel internet to conduct secure transactions. When you enlist the help of a VPN Service all your communications are encrypted or garbled which make them unreadable to the outside world.”

And if you are hoping to return unscathed by the elements, Carey has the final word: “So for this vacation season don’t forget the bathing suits, the sunscreen or to take a few security precautions to help ensure your vacation is remembered for all the right reasons.”


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