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5 First-Class Travel Apps That Will Make You Giddy

Travel Technology | Ryan Rudnansky | July 10, 2015

5 First-Class Travel Apps That Will Make You Giddy

Buckle your seatbelts.

Take a trip on a jet plane.

Hop aboard that choo choo train.

Rev that engine.

Get back in that saddle.

It’s time for another edition of TravelPulse’s top travel apps.

In this edition, we give you an innovative translation app, an app that helps you find lost items, an app for the adventurer in all of us, an app that helps the sharing economy document property, and, last but not least, an app that helps you find the nearest toilet (don’t say we never did anything for you).

Here are five first-class travel apps that will make you giddy, with a bonus app at the end.

Toilet Finder (iPhone, Android, free)

We're listing this one first because, well, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Toilet Finder is just what it sounds like: an app that helps you find nearby public toilets.

Toilet Finder will also give directions for those who tend to lose their sense of direction when they really have to go (must…find…toilet…can…not…compute).

App users can add toilet facilities, warn when one has closed and even rate facilities. If that’s not instilling a collaborative, happy environment, I don’t know what is.

One iOS user noted in the Apple Store, “Had to pee, found a toilet. No complaints.” Can’t argue with that.

The latest iOS update is Apple-Watch compatible.

Field Trip (iPhone, Android, free)

Field Trip, developed by Google, helps you find interesting, hidden and unique things in the world around you. Whenever you get close to a point of interest, a notification with information about it will pop up on your phone.

Field Trip is also hands and eyes-free. If you have a headset or Bluetooth connected, it will read the description of the point of interest to you while you pass, giving you your own little tour guide on your road trip.

You can also set how often you receive notifications and search by category.

Record360 (iPhone, Android, free)

Winner of the 2015 Elliott Award for Best Travel Application, Record360 allows property owners and renters to photograph, record and document property at the time of exchange, insuring that, well, you are insured in the case of any damage disputes.

That includes vacation homes, hotel rooms, automobiles, boats and more.

Simply scan the property with the camera on your phone, highlight certain sections of the property with the tap of your finger and write down notes. Record360 time-stamps the documentation, geo-tags it and prepares a document of it that can be viewed at any time.

Record360 has become especially popular with the growing sharing economy.

SayHi Translate (iPhone, $4.99)

There are plenty of translation apps out there, but SayHi Translate is innovative in that it repeats back what you said in the language of your choice.

That essentially means that the user can speak to somebody who speaks a different language in a foreign country through the phone with nothing being lost in translation.

It’s a somewhat odd way of communicating, for sure, but it could be a lifesaver if you don’t know the destination’s native language.

“Hola” and “Ciao” will only get you so far.

For $4.99, you get the standard version, which comes with 43 different languages. Spend a few bucks more and get the Premium version, which unlocks more languages and dialects.

Tile (iPhone, Android, free for app)

Tile is one of the best locators out there for lost items.

Simply buy some electronic Tiles on exclusive retailer Amazon and stick them on important items. Next time you lose something important, you’ll be able to track them via the Tile app.

Tile uses Bluetooth technology to track your phone and your phone’s geo-location data to record the last known locations of your Tiles. Each Tile will even play a sound upon request, allowing you to find your Tiles by sound, too.

You can also let individual Tile users and the Tile community know when you’ve lost an item. If a Tile user comes across your item/Tile, you will automatically be alerted of your item’s location through your phone.

Just don't lose your phone.

Bonus: Tinder (Travel Update, iOS, Android, free)

One of the most popular connecting/dating apps out there, Tinder has long limited matches to within a 100-mile radius.

But, with a recent update, Tinder now allows users to seek out complementary companions from 140 destinations around the globe before even traveling to the destination.

That means you can communicate with other users/set up a date or meet-up before you even touch down.

Given most of us are consumed by a variety of things during our travels, it’s nice to know you can plan a date before you even arrive.

Check out TravelPulse contributor Rosalind Cummings-Yeates’ “Tips on How to Use Tinder Passport for Travel Adventures.”



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