Last updated: 01:20 PM ET, Fri October 28 2016

Acorns App Welcomes Airbnb Into The Found Money Fold

Travel Technology Gabe Zaldivar October 28, 2016

Acorns App Welcomes Airbnb Into The Found Money Fold

PHOTO: Acorns app takes small amounts of money and offers real financial gains. (Photo courtesy Acorns)

Those travelers already using the Acorns app will have a greater incentive to use Airbnb services for their accommodations.

The micro-investing app recently announced that Airbnb would join the likes of Hotel Tonight, Blue Apron and Dollar Shave Club as partners in its Found Money service.

First, we may as well introduce you to Acorns if you haven’t already downloaded the app. It’s a micro-investing tool that rounds up charges you make to the nearest dollar. It takes that change and then invests it into your carefully selected portfolio.

It’s kind of like the modern and more financially forward way of taking the change in your pocket and sticking it into a piggy bank. That is, of course, if that piggy had the ability to invest and grow that change into greater returns.

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Now Airbnb is part of the Found Money group of brands. These brands add extra rewards to your account when you use Acorns and their respective services.

A release explains what you can expect specifically from Airbnb’s presence in the program: “Airbnb hosts can now receive $50 invested directly into their Acorns account when they host their first booking and Airbnb guests will get 15% of the Guest Service Fee put directly into their Acorns account if they book their stay through the Acorns App.”

As the Found Money page explains, you only need to use the card that is linked to your Acorns account. From there, the Airbnb service will make good on what is essentially a loyalty incentive.

A one-time $50 gift or 15 percent on what is a relatively small fee, compared to the entire charge for accommodations, is a small amount, but that’s the beauty of Acorns.

A small amount soon becomes something entirely impressive if used regularly. So, those who already turn to Airbnb for their holiday stays may just want to see where that 15 percent takes them over the course of a couple of years.