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Credntia Takes The Pain Out Keeping Your Travel Credentials Together

Travel Technology Gabe Zaldivar October 25, 2016

Credntia Takes The Pain Out Keeping Your Travel Credentials Together

PHOTO: Keep your crucial credentials in one digital place with Credntia. (Photo courtesy Credntia.)

The most important things you take with you on your travels are your credentials. There is one app that is going above and beyond to ensure that you always have your most crucial documents with you at all times.

The app is called Credntia and it’s an innovative way to corral your most valuable pieces of identification onto that one thing you absolutely never leave home without: your smartphone.

Through the app you can save items like your driver’s license or passport into the app and walk the airport with the carefree gait of someone who has taken every step to take care of their credentials.

Thankfully, we had the opportunity to glean some wisdom on the app from founder and Credntia CEO Cody Winton who offered thoughts on the technology, security and where the company is headed.

The app is free at the moment and is available for iOS and Android devices. Once you fire up the application you are asked to create a profile with an ID card such as a license, email or through various social media channels. From there, you can then store and access your credentials, including medical cards and passport, on the fly.

Obviously, there are some concerns, such as how wide a range this method can be used and how secure your credentials are once they are loaded up.

Winton answered all of this and more in the following interview.  

TravelPulse: What was the impetus behind its design?

Cody Winton: Credntia was inspired by the possibility of providing everyone, everywhere with a simple, reliable and easy way to access their personal identification cards from their mobile devices. Rooted in simplicity, security and ease of use, the app’s design was driven by how we see identity -- as a fluid journey of discovery. People are free to explore and to create their own identity and reputation using Credntia, with the app serving as a digital canvas to manage and access their identity digitally.

TP: We unfortunately live in an age where we have to be absolutely careful about our personal information. What would you say to a potential Credntia user who might have some trepidation about using the technology?

CW: Most personal credentials we use today are in physical format, such as a Driver’s License or a Passport. These credentials can be very easily lost or stolen, and if a credential falls into the wrong hands, we risk facing some type of identity theft.

Credntia has taken extra steps on both the front and backends of the app to keep our most sensitive and personal credentials safe and secure. With Touch ID verification and military-grade encryption securing both the cloud and mobile device, Credntia users can have peace-of-mind knowing they are the only person with access to their digital credentials.

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TP: How extensively can you use the app? Can the traveler truly leave their, say, license behind and have confidence that most officials or other entities will be fine without an actual document?

CW: We are working very hard to ensure that every one of our customers has a smooth and easy experience when using Credntia. Part of this process is securing partnerships with certain establishments, such as airlines, hotels and online marketplaces, to ensure that credentials uploaded to the app will be accepted as a valid form of identification wherever presented.

We’ve received many testimonials from our customers that Credntia is being accepted in numerous locations and contexts, including at the airport terminal gate, checking into hotels and meeting a driver at pickup. And we will continue to improve user experience by securing and growing our list of partnerships.

TP: Where do you hope or expect Credntia to grow over the next year or so?

CW: Ensuring that Credntia is universally accepted as a valid form of identification is key for us. We plan to grow the number of locations and contexts where Credntia is accepted over the coming months. We also plan to expand our business partnerships over this next year, improving the way many companies interact with identity in numerous contexts, whether for their employees, clients, or customers.

TP: How has the reception been among the various generations?

CW: We have customers of numerous age ranges, but we are focused on young adults and entrepreneurs and we’re seeing a large number of customers in this demographic.

TP: What is something you feel our readers would love to know about the app?

CW: We want to bring disruption to the identity space. We believe that our app is the easiest and most secure way to carry your credentials with you wherever you go and access them wherever you are. The future of identity is now and we’re excited to be a part of that future.