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Do You Have the Right Apps for Holiday Travel?

Travel Technology Janeen Christoff November 21, 2016

Do You Have the Right Apps for Holiday Travel?

PHOTO: Make sure you have the right tech this holiday season. (Photo courtesy Thinkstock)  

You’ve used Kayak to find your flights and booked your favorite hotels with an app, but are your travel apps going to help you navigate the holidays? 

Huffington Post has some suggestions for travel apps that are best-suited for helping with holiday travel. 

“We’ve compiled a lineup of the most highly regarded and expert-vetted travel apps that will prevent headaches on your journey over the river, through the woods or to an exotic island,” writes Suzy Strutner. 

Her first suggestion for last-minute bookings is Hopper. 

“The Hopper app, meanwhile, has special focus on price comparison over time, which lends extra confidence that you’re choosing the cheapest flight,” Strutter says. 

Hotel Tonight is where it’s at for last-minute hotel bookings, but she warns travelers should call ahead.  

“Keep in mind, though, that hotels sometimes overbook and therefore don’t honor reservations made on third-party sites: It may be worth calling the hotel directly after using the app to see if they’ll give you the deal themselves,” recommends Strutner. 

If you are trying to keep abreast of flight delays, try FlightAware — especially if you don’t want to do the digging youreslf.

“For those of us who prefer to be served, however, FlightAware sends push notifications with this information,” says Strutner. 

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Looking to breeze through security? Look to My TSA. 

“My TSA was developed by the Transportation Security Administration itself, with a handy search feature that tells you whether certain items are accepted in carry-on luggage,” she says. “You can also view real-time wait estimates for most airport security lines, to prepare for the slog before you arrive.”

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