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Dropbox's Project Infinite Alleviates Heavy Business Travel Burden

Travel Technology | Gabe Zaldivar | April 27, 2016

Dropbox's Project Infinite Alleviates Heavy Business Travel Burden

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Taking your work with you without, you know, taking it with you is about to get easier thanks to Dropbox’s Project Infinite.

The aptly titled initiative essentially allows business travelers to access specific files in their respective cloud and download them to the hard disc without having to sync a massive haul. 

The new Dropbox innovation was announced at Open London, and a YouTube tutorial quickly went up to illustrate how easy Project Infinite will work.

More importantly, the following video should highlight the possibilities.

Consider leaving a work or home office that houses a massive hard drive that is complemented by your Dropbox service.

Instead of syncing all of the files that you could possibly need on your corporate trip, you can decide later with the cloud that now lets you not only see all files but actually tinker with them if you need to by reaching up and grabbing them off the virtual cloud.

ArsTechnica is quick to point out that, yes, you have seen a similar product before in the form of OneDrive, which has sadly gone the way of mistakenly deleted files with the advent of Windows 10.

The important part here is you would no longer need to sync files within folders in order to access them later.

This should go a long way to anyone working with a laptop that might have scant hard drive space.

In that scenario, you would really have to decide which files might be important and sync those before any major business trip.

In the case of Project Infinite, you can see all of those files, knowing that if a need arises for a specific video or presentation you can access that with ample Internet connection.

Obviously, that is the most crucial aspect of this rollout. Indeed, as the video suggests, you have the ability to pre-select files.

However, this really becomes a crucial tool when you can sync a large file thanks to the kind flow of Internet.

As of this writing there is no official statement on when Project Infinite will be available. So for those of you with storage issues will continue on with your hard decisions.

Soon, however, you can utilize the cloud as it was always meant to be.


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