Last updated: 02:39 PM ET, Thu December 01 2016

Expedia And Amazon Bring Travel Answers to Echo

Travel Technology Gabe Zaldivar December 01, 2016

Expedia And Amazon Bring Travel Answers to Echo

PHOTO: Expedia users now have Alexa to go to for answers. (photo courtesy YouTube/Expedia)

Technology has allowed us to move away from the phone and towards the computer and then the smartphone for our travel needs. Now, thanks to Amazon’s Echo, we are right back to simply saying out loud what we want.

Expedia unveiled its new skill that allows those with the Echo to speak directly to Alexa for things such as information on an upcoming trip or to reserve a car for when you land at your destination airport.

Expedia explains a bit more on the technology as well as offers some phrases you can use with your Amazon Echo or Dot to ease your travel burden – and finally feel as if the future has arrived.

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The technology is perfect for those who use Expedia to reserve and manage their travel plans.

So often we forget the date and time we might be departing or other vital information. Rather than get out your phone or hop on the computer, you can now easily find out crucial travel details while you read a book, watch TV or cook a family meal.

You no longer have to lift so much as a finger to get your flight status as you rush to pack some last-minute items into your luggage.

And if you are among the scant few who even remembers what a rental car is, you can reserve those with stylish ease too.

Tony Donohoe, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Technology, Brand Expedia sounded off on the innovation: “Expedia remains committed to investing in voice recognition and natural language processing technologies to gain a deeper understanding of the unique nuances associated with the rapidly evolving field of voice-centered interactions.”

Rob Pulciani, Director, Amazon Alexa, touted just how cool this new update is for travelers: “We’re excited to work with Expedia to bring personalized travel-updates to our Alexa customers—and just in time for the busiest travel season of the year. Now Alexa and Expedia customers have the ability to track their flights, book their car rental, and get real-time updates on delays or gate changes—all hands-free by just using your voice.”

We are inching to a day when simply pulling out your phone and maneuvering through an app would feel archaic compared to the ease of voice-enabled technology.