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Expedia Celebrates 20 Years With Savings, Travel Trivia

Travel Technology Gabe Zaldivar June 01, 2016

Expedia Celebrates 20 Years With Savings, Travel Trivia

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Travel website Expedia is turning 20, which means it’s going out for a sensible time with family and friends a year away from when it can order drinks and celebrate properly.

In reality, it’s merely throwing a coupon celebration for its users. Sadly, it looks like just about all of them have been claimed immediately after the website announced a wealth of deals for its 20th extravaganza.

However, we aren’t left treasureless, because a press release does offer a wealth of delightful factoids about the last couple of decades in travel.

While the coupons might be gone, Expedia does promise hotel deals through the summer, ending Aug. 2.

Aman Bhutani, President, Brand Expedia Group was in an understandably good mood for the website’s special moment.

Bhutani stated: “Today, travelers can dream, plan and book vacations when and how they want: by computer, via mobile devices, even with a good old fashioned phone call. Expedia is with them at every stage of the travel process. We are thankful to have worked with so many travelers over this time, to have helped millions of people explore. And we are very excited about what the next 20 years will bring.”

As for what Expedia discovered recently, the website states Las Vegas reigns supreme when it comes to attracting myriad searches for accommodations.

If you were wondering where Expedia users enjoy going. The last 20 years have been kind to the following top 10 most searched locations: Las Vegas, Orlando, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Cancun and Orange County.

Expedia has a bunch of trivia that will interest all travelers. Such as, did you know that the most popular route is the one between LAX and JFK?

Well, now you do.

Our favorite tidbit has to be one that illustrates just how technology has helped the masses. This one website, for example, has led to a stunning amount of miles flown and memories made.

The website states that travelers “have flown 534 billion miles, or the equivalent of 72 round trip flights from the sun to Pluto,” thanks to Expedia.

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Not only that, but two decades was enough to accumulate an insane amount of hotel room bookings, enough to satisfy the comfort for every American in fact.

And with that, we blow out 20 candles and wish Expedia users nothing but the best going forward.