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Forbes Reviewed “ChatSim” Text Messaging for International Travel

Travel Technology Jessica Kleinschmidt October 23, 2016

Forbes Reviewed “ChatSim” Text Messaging for International Travel

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When it comes to international calls, most of us have an idea of how pricey they can be. Nowadays, one of the main forms of communication is text messaging. How much of a pretty of a penny would it cost to text your friends and family internationally? Forbes took care of the dirty work for you using a new SIM card.

The “ChatSim” card lets you chat with your friends using your smartphone and allows you to send unlimited messages with certain apps (like WhatsApp and Messenger) according to its website. This was considered “the catch” according to Forbes.

Forbes writer Geoffrey Morrison says it’s important to know exactly what this card is for: “ checking in and chatting with your family and organizing meet-ups with new international friends, but not for browsing Facebook or uploading Snapchats (you’ll have to find WiFi for that),” he writes.

The card isn’t that expensive, especially for those who travel a lot outside of the country. It’s $15 for the SIM itself and $15 for the initial year (and $15 annually after that). Morrison says you need an Internet connection which seems like common sense, but he stresses to use a computer to set it up before you travel because trying it on the “mobile interface was surprisingly annoying.” In addition to this specific annoyance you need to upload a photo I.D.

Forbes ChatSim Review

This isn’t for everyone however. Since it is used for social media messaging mainly, remember the demographic here. Believe it or not, not everyone possesses a Facebook. Still, downloading the WhatsApp app or anything of the sort for traveling isn’t a bad idea.

Morrison’s conclusion after all is said and done is this card is an inexpensive option for the avid traveler and “it’s usually slow, but it works.”