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Google Flights Stares Into The Future For Air Fare Hikes

Travel Technology Gabe Zaldivar October 18, 2016

Google Flights Stares Into The Future For Air Fare Hikes

  PHOTO: Google Flights just added a huge feature to save you stress and money. (Photo courtesy Google Blog

Google Flights just announced that it will act as your tech-savvy fortune teller.

Granted, it lacks the ability to inform you whether you will get that promotion or meet your future spouse at the bar, but it will help alert you when that flight you want may get a price hike.

Google’s Blog unveiled a wonderful addition to Google Flight’s list of features. Essentially, Google Flights will be your virtual eyes and ears for any price hikes that could possibly take place as you consider your next flight.

Instead of sitting there looking at a $450 price tag on your flight to Chicago, you now have a second opinion that measures how similar flights have fared and when you should buy to save money.

The blog explains in detail the various additions that will help placate those nerves. Normally we wake in a cold sweat at the thought that the flight we were looking at the night before just jumped $100.

While anything can still truly happen, Google Flights offers a simple, reassuring tool that gives you some idea of context surrounding possible price hikes.

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The blog explains: “After selecting a specific flight, a notification may appear letting you know when the current fare is expected to expire and how much you can save if you book now.”

Another awesome feature is emailed alerts that notify you when a flight you were interested in just got more expensive.

Not only do you now have some semblance of when and how much a flight’s fare can increase, you get an immediate notification when your trip to New York just got more expensive.

The innovations are part of Google’s holiday push for its travel tool. It’s also working hard to make it more intuitive for those who book travel with their smartphone device.

The blog continues: “Next time you visit Google Flights, you’ll be able to track and manage saved flights seamlessly on your phone.”

While the above hardly solves the worry that is a sudden price jump, it does a great deal to offer peace of mind when booking your next trip.

Now historical context can measure your expectations. So it’s on you if you don’t jump on that flight that may very well be a hundred or so dollars more expensive within a matter of hours.