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Joining MileHi Club As Easy As Downloading This Sexy New App

Travel Technology | Gabe Zaldivar | July 28, 2015

Joining MileHi Club As Easy As Downloading This Sexy New App

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Now you don’t have to be a gregarious tourist who impedes on other people’s personal space to meet others on an airplane, because there is a new app for that.

CNN’s Matilda Egere-Cooper reports on the cleverly named MileHi app, which seems to be an awesome innovation if you want to take the rigmarole out of hitting on passengers the old fashioned way.

The MileHi website explains: “Whether you want to uncover business networking opportunities, start the party early or just have a nosey at who’s flying you can quickly search and browse fellow flyers.”

We will let you decide if this app is about a chance canoodle session or merely exploiting networking opportunities.

Egere-Cooper spoke to app founder Richard Lloyd who has a very specific outlook on his new toy: “MileHi is a very good name; it's very catchy. Obviously it's got a connotation, but the idea of the app was really around business or networking, not dating.”

Yes, networking. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Say no more.)

Indeed, MileHi is a good name, but so is something along the lines of Connecting Flight or CarryOn. (Those are free by the way.)

When you name your app MileHi, people are going to head in one direction and one direction only when they download the app, and it’s with similar aims as to when they downloaded something like Tinder.

Largely, the success and use of the app is now out of Lloyd’s hands, because passengers will decide in short order what they will do once they tap on its icon on their smartphone.

It is rather adorable that Lloyd believes he is cornering the market on people who need to share a lift from the airport, via CNN: “There's also a lot of sporting events that this app could be relevant to, like when people are flying together to World Cup finals or European Cups. People can talk about sharing a taxi at the other end.”

With occasional wafts of body order, expensive drinks, long lines at the bathroom and ridiculously crowded confines, airplanes are just one step away from a club anyway. I say throw on some loud music and mandate a dress code while you are at it.

CNN notes that MileHi is certainly meeting a demand, because “Within two weeks of its launch, it's already clocked up 3,000 downloads.”

The website states that you will be able to find people sharing your same flight number, which will then allow you to connect with them in myriad ways.

You can browse profiles, interact with polls and enter into private chats with those in your vicinity.

Yes, this can certainly be a networking tool for business-minded folks who want to reach out on their next company adventure.

But it also seems to be a great way to meet someone new and alleviate the doldrums of your next flight.

It’s rather difficult to hit on that lady or gentleman in 14C when you are stuck between a crying child and a person who showered last week in 25B.

Now it’s up to the masses as to what joining the MileHi club means moving forward. At the very least your first date will be inexpensive as you share a bag of tiny peanuts.


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