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'Journi' App Replaces Paper Journals During Your Next Adventure

Travel Technology Jessica Kleinschmidt November 06, 2016

'Journi' App Replaces Paper Journals During Your Next Adventure

photo courtesy JourniApp Website 

When it comes to travel, we are always discovering ways to be as impact as possible. I for one can't stand when I have to carry too many things. I feel I'm taking up too much room and I'm not comfortable and that's not the tone I like to set for traveling. 

If you're the type of person who likes to document your adventures, there is a new app you can download to your smartphone that could replace the bulkiness of a journal. It's called the "Journi" app and it's more than just writing about your daily activities. 

With the app you can build a story on your mobile device or in blog form using your own photos. You can add text and your location and your friends and family can follow your trip in real time as well. A really cool feature is the fact that you can build your story offline which definitely comes in handy with the amount of times you can lose service. If you don't want to share your trip with anyone, there's a private option as well.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the only thing that makes this app not necessarily "ideal" is the fact that you can't change "the order of the diary." The app loads chronologically, but the makers say they are making a manual version in the near future. 

The free app is available on your Apple or Android device. More information on Journi can be found on their official website. 

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