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Kill It With Tech: 15 Ways To Make Most Of Painfully Long TSA Lines

Travel Technology | Gabe Zaldivar | May 23, 2016

Kill It With Tech: 15 Ways To Make Most Of Painfully Long TSA Lines

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TSA lines are insane at the moment, wrapping around to what seems like all corners of the airport with one contiguous time-wasting line. Well, that line doesn’t have to be a complete waste of time.

There are some things you can use right now that will make it seem like the line is moving along at a nice clip.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll want to stay in line to get to that next level in Stack. Yeah, probably not.

But here’s a healthy selection of time wasters that are a traveler’s best buds right now.


My TSA: This is a generally good app to see just how egregious the line at security is ahead of time.

Grab: Chances are great that you’ve skipped a meal in your rush to get to the airport. This and the following app will help you get back on schedule while keeping your belly full.

AirGrub: Simply order your food at the airport and stand tall in knowing that you will skip at least one line on this very day.

GateGuru: This is an easy way to find out a great deal about the airport you are stuck in for a while. It also informs you of how your flight status is doing. Hopefully, this doesn’t lead to double the aggravation.   


This is an obviously subjective list of time-wasting apps I am fond of using. Feel free to sound off on some free ones that you enjoy.

Stack: This is an insanely intuitive game that is fun for all of a few minutes. It’s pretty much perfect for picking up and playing in an instant, which is great for those shorter lines.

Imgur: Dive into a world of memes, viral images and GIFs. This is a fine app, although I enjoy Pocketgur’s interface a bit more.

Reddit: Be the first to experience that next viral story you never knew you needed to know about right here.

SimCity BuildIt: Have far too much time on your hands? Well, you are in luck because you have just enough time to build a city. Thanks, TSA.

Flick Games: These are sports games that are perfect when you have a spare moment to unwind. They are easy to understand but have a nice learning curve that will keep you entertained. Suggestions: Flick Golf and Flick Soccer.

Offline Pages Pro: This is the only paid app on the list. However, it gives you the power of looking through various websites and pages without having to be tethered to the Internet. This is handy considering how some airports lack consistent data connectivity.

Byline: Any Feedly users can go offline with this app that takes pages and makes them available even when the Internet isn’t.

Obviously, there are so many other games and entertainment that will keep you relatively happy as you meander the long line that is TSA. The above are just a few things that should alleviate some of the doldrums.


Voyagic: Here’s a new app that will give you an instantaneous itinerary based on where you’re headed. Work on making memories while you wait.

WINGiT: Here’s another app that will have you exploring trip possibilities. The best part is these will be those less heralded events the locals love.  

OpenTable: A recent update has made OpenTable even more useful to travelers, unveiling some local treasures you won’t want to miss. Daydream about that delectable future meal.

Yelp: You’re stuck in line. You might as well scour the city you are headed to for every last pub, restaurant or concert hall you can find. After the headache of travel, you’ll need it.


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