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Kill It With Tech: 8 Tools To Rid Your Travels Of Jet Lag

Travel Technology | Gabe Zaldivar | March 07, 2016

Kill It With Tech: 8 Tools To Rid Your Travels Of Jet Lag

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We’ve been employing old school methods for post-travel grogginess for years. It’s time we use some new tools at our disposal.

This week we take a look at possible solutions to the age-old conundrum of jet lag. Modern aviation giveth, and it most certainly taketh away.

We are of course referring to our mental faculties and energy levels after stepping off a long flight deep into a foreign time zone.

TravelPulse’s Josh Lew has a terrific article on general tips to beat back jet lag. But we thought we’d offer some outside-the-box innovations that might help before or during your big trip.

Of course, some of these items will be more helpful to you than others. But it’s important to consider that there are many things out there outside that sleeping aid taken mid-flight, which may not be the best solution in the end.

Hardly an exhaustive list, we are eager to hear what apps and tools you use to cure the jet lag blues.

JetLag Genie:

At three bucks, it’s up to you whether this is worth paying for what will turn out to be a personal sleeping experiment.

That being said, the app boasts an easy to follow solution to give something of a jet lag itinerary, telling you when you should sleep; when you should change your clock and even when you should take melatonin.

Sleep Cycle:

There is a veritable flood of apps that will help you get better sleep whether or not you are traveling.

We chose this particular app because it helps wake you during the most beneficial moment of your sleeping rhythm. The important part, pre-flight, is to work your way slowly into the time zone to which you are traveling.

This will aid that task before and during your trip. But then there is the fact that you will be stuck in a place when sunlight pops up in what your body believes is the wrong time.

Light-Up Alarm Clock:

That brings us to this innovation that might help the frequent traveler who is constantly changing time zones.

There are many on the market, but the above link features an article on the overall benefits, however anecdotal, to such an alarm clock.

Now you can trick your body ahead of time to prepare for that infernal sunlight that will inevitably peek through the hotel’s drapes.


Well this might seem like a slightly useless app, but it’s free so bear with us.

One of the crucial aspects of staying healthy and energetic on a trip is to stay hydrated, which is something that we can take for granted, especially when traveling abroad.

This app will serve as a technological parent, reminding you that you need to chug the good stuff before you head out.

World Clock:

You can easily do the math on your own, but the above app will be a savior for the lazy who wants to know instantly what time they are about to experience.


Similar to JetLag Genie, this app goes one step further by connecting to a wearable that will monitor more precisely when you should sleep and even when you should eat.


While it hasn’t been updated for a while, Entrain boasts mathematics at its core, letting you know precisely when you should sleep.

Jet Lag Rooster:

Yet another app for the smartphone, this innovation works hard to keep you on the right track to staying in the zone.

It concentrates on when you should be exposed to sunlight and when you should stay away, getting you prepared to your correct time zone.


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