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Kill It With Tech: How To Stay Fit and Healthy While Traveling

Travel Technology | Gabe Zaldivar | November 12, 2015

Kill It With Tech: How To Stay Fit and Healthy While Traveling

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Travel is about leisure, great food and infinite possibilities for discovery. But it doesn’t have to mean a couple of weeks away from your health.

Thanks to technology, we are all increasingly able to keep healthy while hitting a city’s bars or restaurant hopping around town.

There are even ways you can make the sedentary moments on an airplane semi-healthy.

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Now this is hardly an exhaustive list, so we are eager to hear what you use to stay fit while tackling your bucket list of world destinations.


It’s now easier to track how your body is doing, as if you were some traveling RoboCop who could do a diagnostics check.

Now we aren’t going to breakdown each wearable and its advantages, saving that for another article.

Instead, we will say that you have your work cut out for you in deciding between myriad of options: Apple Watch, Fitbit, Microsoft Band and more.


You can always use your body weight and engage in hotel exercises sans gadgetry. However, there are some devices that let you take things up a notch.

Monkii Bars: Use in the room or take them out to a nearby park. It comes with the added advantage of letting you get out and explore the area.

Aqua Bells: Deflate these things to fit into your luggage. Then use your hotel’s faucet to give the portable barbells some heft.

Adjustable Resistance Tube: These can attach to your hotel room door to give you the necessary resistance to make your holiday a bit more exhausting—in a good way of course.

Sleep Phones: Nothing is more important, however, than getting some crucial sleep. These headphones are embedded in a comfortable headband, which might just make a plane ride actually cozy.

Apps and More:

ClassPass: I recently heard about ClassPass on a recent trip. For those who want to keep a schedule with a trip to a local studio, this is a great service with thousands of classes worldwide.

My Fitness Pal: We all know your cheat days will turn into cheat weeks while traveling. However, it helps to log what is going in calorically and what you are burning when walking around town.

Hot5: You can’t take the gym with you but you now have access to video tutorials on various exercises for when you're on the go.

Moves: We say anything that might encourage an amble is a good thing, which is where this pedometer comes in.

7 Minute Workout: Now you have something to keep you fit in that brief of moment of time you have between sleep and leaving the hotel for breakfast.

Find My Medicine: This app helps you decipher the name of the medicine you need in the country in which you are traveling.  


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