Last updated: 11:30 AM ET, Thu September 22 2016

Now You Can View North Korea's Web, Including Tourism Website

Travel Technology Gabe Zaldivar September 22, 2016

Now You Can View North Korea's Web, Including Tourism Website

Photo courtesy Rodong

It’s darn near impossible to get a truly accurate snapshot of life in North Korea. This week we received a chance to take a remarkable peek at the country’s Internet infrastructure.

And, as it were, you only need to afford a glimpse of what is essentially 28 websites. reports that you can actually take a gander at websites originating from the famously reclusive country, including one that features myriad Korean recipes.

One that’s highlighted is and it gives you some semblance of the news coverage throughout the nation.

The headlines are pretty much dedicated to every single Kim Jong Un moment with a section entitled Supreme Leader’s Activities.  

The versatile dictator not only visited a fruit farm recently but also guided a fire drill of ballistic rockets. The man certainly is a Jack of all trades.

The discovery seems to have originated over on Reddit, which has a lengthy list of all the websites you can devour throughout the day, bringing you one virtual step closer to the nation that remains to many a veritable mystery.

We had trouble opening many of the websites, which may be due to each being inundated with traffic at the moment or, perhaps, each were recently banned from outside view.

Thankfully, the Reddit poster, bdzz, gives us a breakdown of what each domain offered the curious who manage to take a look. is a website dedicated to Korean dishes, is a pleasant sounding website that works like Yahoo! and, more apropos to our interests, is described as such: “The Korean Tourism board, looks like you can get tours from here.”

The latter we managed to view after a long wait and it had a link to “helpful tourist information.”

This landing page is filled with various tourism agencies, presumably those that cater to travelers wanting a tour of the country. And it also houses advice such as currency exchange and immigration policies.

The curious can also get a list there of upcoming festivals and events or something called the tourism schedule. Sadly, we weren’t able to view the contents of this page at this time.

READ MORE: Peter Jackson Eyes New Zealand Island For Tourism Project explains how we now have a trove of seemingly archaic-looking websites: “North Korea's main Domain Name System (DNS) server was sent a frequent and automated request by a U.S.-based engineer for access to all the internet domains in the country, possibly merely out of mischief. The server is usually configured to reject this. But for some reason - most likely by mistake - it obliged on one occasion, late on Tuesday. The engineer then posted the list online.”

North Korea remains that hermit nation that will remain something of a travel myth for so many around the country regardless of how adventurous you might be.

Thanks to things like YouTube and Instagram, we do get to peek at what life is like behind its borders. But rarely do we glimpse its Internet offerings as we have this week.