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Reviews from the Road: Mininch Mini Tool Pen

Travel Technology | Mark Murphy | April 17, 2016

Reviews from the Road: Mininch Mini Tool Pen

All photos by Mark Murphy

Mininch Mini Tool Pen, $89,

I travel.  I travel a lot.  And when I travel, I like to be prepared for different eventualities that inevitably pop up along the way.  At the same time, I don’t want to be bogged down with a whole bunch of extra stuff that I have to schlep from one place the next.  It’s all about being flexible and able to adapt to any number of situations that may arise.

Wear glasses?  Ever have one of those screws get loose and not have the ability to fix it on the spot?  For most of us, it requires a visit to the local LensCrafters or similar eyewear store.  That quick fix kills your lunch hours, assuming you have one nearby.  But what if you, like me, find yourself in some far flung locale?  For instance, I found myself in the Amazon jungle with no access to anything other than tree bark!  Sure, I could have used one of the locals knives to whittle a branch and turn it into a mini screwdriver, but somehow I think that my MacGyver skills are sorely lacking. 

It’s at times like these you wish you had something like the versatile Mininch Mini Pen Tool in your bag or in your pocket.  Shaped like a standard pen, it holds five different heads, of varying shapes and sizes that can be adapted to fix most of your problems.

This little tool goes a long way in making those quick fixes, well, actually quick.  For those of us who always travel with some various electronic gear, including laptops and iPads, it is necessary tool to have with you.  As well made as my MacBook Air happens to be, I noticed some of the screws coming loose to the case.  The Mininch fixed it in seconds.


I received the Mininch Mini Pen Tool from the manufacturer to test it out over a period of several months.  They were kind enough to also send me the extra bits that can be easily swapped out when the five in the pen don’t meet the task at hand.  The pen is the same shape and size of any standard ballpoint pen, making it easy to throw in a pocket or in you bag.  The small case that holds the extra bits is just as easy to bring along.  Indeed, the pen is so similar to other pens you routinely have laying around in a drawer that I overlooked where my wife stashed it as I went through a desk drawer before a trip. 

TSA Checkpoints and Airport Security: Head’s Up

I had no issue bringing the tool on numerous trips domestically and internationally over the past few months, but for one exception.  When departing Cancun airport recently, the security saw my extra bits and confiscated them as unacceptable to be in my carryon luggage.  They are roughly one inch in length, and could never be used as a weapon, yet any attempt to rationalize this point was meant with indifference.  They were taken and I went on my way.  The actual tool, the pen itself, went through without a question.  It could be that the pen, despite being a tool, looks just like, well, a pen! 

I’ll continue to travel with my Mininch Mini Pen Tool and have also ordered the standard pen tool for my home.  They make a handy, well engineered tool for most of your everyday fix it problems, whether at home or on the road.


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