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Road Warrior Pulse: Stories You Must Read for Monday, Oct. 26

Travel Technology | Gabe Zaldivar | October 26, 2015

Road Warrior Pulse: Stories You Must Read for Monday, Oct. 26

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Shake off that case of the Mondays with a cavalcade of wonderful reading material for the gadget, technology and overall travel lover in all of us.

From self-healing screens to the most adorable Instagram account of the week, we have you covered, so dive right in.

Self-Healing Screens:

Innerexile has created a smartphone protector that works like some T-1000, repairing itself the instant it’s damaged.

Thankfully, this doesn’t mean it will run rampant around Los Angeles while causing mayhem. It merely means all those nicks and scratches dissolve away instantly thanks to dark magic, or “microcapsules that contain an adhesive-like liquid,” according to Engadget.

Read More: Engadget

The Great Selfie-Stick War:

Not all selfie sticks are created equally. Sure, each comes complete with the necessary length to annoy your fellow travelers, but each offers it own quirks and amenities.

You would hardly think that a simple stick that holds a phone could garner such innovations, but apparently various companies are working tirelessly to create one stick to rule them all.

Read More: Wired

Putting The Frustrate In Infrastructure:

If you were wondering why that wondrous stretch of road before you and your rental car was a bumpy mess, it might be due to a lack of care from oblivious drivers.

According to a recent report, drivers do very little in providing the necessary fiscal love needed to care for the country’s highways.

Unfortunately, throwing change out of the window while cruising down Route 66 will do little to alleviate the issue.

Read More: The Atlantic

Important Reminder:

Don’t say we don’t offer you the most obvious in safety warnings. It seems tourists have taken to snapping off selfies on a live railway at England’s Matlock Bath station.

A report offers images of travelers taking pictures in an extremely dangerous location. Let us once again state that no selfie is worth your life, so please stick to regular, boring selfies that don’t come with the inherent danger of an oncoming train.

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Instagram Cutouts:

Rich McCor managed to create stunning Instagram images by utilizing some very old school methods.

Read More: Mashable

Selfie Walls:

Perhaps you left your selfie stick at home. Well, a budding Kickstarter is hoping you are keen to tape your phone to a wall to snap off your next travel selfie.

Read More: Pixable

Broadway Worldwide:

Broadway is amazing, but sometimes actually traveling there is exhausting. According to reports, you will now be able to stream a live Broadway show from the comfort of, well, anywhere.

Read More: The Huffington Post

TSA Scrutiny:

According to a report, the TSA now has a little less than a month to shore up rules for its use of body scanners that have increasingly become ubiquitous at airports.

Read More: Engadget

Airbnb Travel Agency:

It seems Airbnb is not content to merely ensure hospitality comfort, because it is flirting with a site that will offer a “travel agent-like service” that will encompass all of your traveling needs.

Read More: Engadget


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