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Study Examines Cyber Security Among Millennial And Baby Boom Travelers

Travel Technology | Gabe Zaldivar | May 30, 2016

Study Examines Cyber Security Among Millennial And Baby Boom Travelers

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There is a definite generation gap when it comes to taking care of your cyber security.

That is the latest revelation from security website Webroot, which discovered that baby boomers are far more inclined to ensure that their travels are safe and secure when it comes to their smart phones, tablets and overall Internet endeavors.

The website was nice enough to offer the following graphic, which breaks down a great deal of its findings. However, we might as well delve into some of the particular details of the study.

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The company surveyed over 200 millennial respondents and over 200 travelers from the baby boom generation.

What it found is that both generations are extremely concerned with online security. When it comes to the younger generation, 85 percent of those who responded are concerned with cyber security. However almost all baby boomers (95 percent) are at least concerned with the prospect.

Those numbers make a great deal of sense. If someone were to ask you if you were concerned about your overall security online, chances are pretty great that you would answer in the positive. However the truly staggering numbers are that one generation is far more likely to be proactive with securing their information than the other.

And, spoiler alert, it is not the generation that is more entrenched in the digital age.

Webroot found that baby boomers were 10 percent more likely than millennials to actually have antivirus software on their devices.

One interesting aspect of the study is that far more millennials are willing to share specific travel plans on things like Facebook and Instagram. A whopping 71 percent of the older generation said they never share plans on social media, which is just one small way someone can ensure that their online safety is well in hand.

The website does offer a great deal of advice, which would go a long way in offering some peace of mind on your vacation. For example, Webroot suggests that you back up any devices in case they are hacked or stolen during your holiday and, obviously, it's important to make sure that you are diligent when using free public Wi-Fi. In fact, you may want to stay clear of such a solution altogether.

In any case here is a graphic that breaks down the generational divide over something that is very crucial in all of our global endeavors.


Graphic via Webroot


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