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Tech of the Week: An Ears-On Review of Paww's Powerful WaveSound 2 Headphones

Travel Technology | Gabe Zaldivar | January 07, 2016

Tech of the Week: An Ears-On Review of Paww's Powerful WaveSound 2 Headphones

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Slapping on a pair of Paww WaveSound 2 headphones is like being gifted the promise of sweet music to your ears; or sweet podcasts, sweet audiobooks or whatever form of entertainment you devour when traveling.

We were fortunate enough to receive a review pair of the new WaveSound 2 headphones recently, taking them for the proverbial test drive during the onslaught of stress that is the holiday season.

One thing that became quite obvious is this particular pair is quite adept at blocking out the rest of the world, allowing you plenty of space to relax and melt into your own audio setting. 

The first thing I noticed about the WaveSound 2 iteration, and something you have to look for in high-quality headphones, is listening to music became fun again.

Of course, you can glean the funk from the earbuds that might come with your phone, but the next level of headset should have you identifying parts of the band or track you may have forgotten.

After a couple hours of listening, I was smiling from the depth these bad boys are able to reach.

Before we get too long in the review, let’s discuss some specifics:

Price: $249.99 regular price. Currently $199.95 at Paww ($199.95 at Amazon)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


As I mentioned before, these are already great headphones that should aptly satisfy the discerning ear. However, we are looking at this from a travel perspective, and they meet, and in many cases, surpass the items you really care about when considering headphones for travel.


Specifications: 20Hz-20Khz; charges in 4 hours; boasts up to 36 hours of use, range of 60 feet from audio source.

Items Included in the Box: WaveSound 2 headphones, 3.5mm headphone cable for passive listening when battery is drained, USB charging cable, airplane audio adapter, manual and carrying case.

Now we will break down the claims made by Paww on its website and on the box with a little good news/bad news. Now you always get the bad first. But not to worry, because there isn’t much in the way of shortcomings with these wonderful headphones.


Hands-Free: The biggest problem faced when using the set seemed to be the audio quality from the hands-free technology used. There was a noticeable change from using, say, the earbuds that come with an iPhone.

Now let’s get something clear, the quality is by no means horrible. You can still hold a conversation and hear your party on the other end quite well. The issue comes by way of the microphone. Just be ready to field the question of why there is a slight echo from the person on the other side of the phone. It’s not major by any means but something to consider.

Range: Paww states that you will get 60 feet of range from your wireless headphones. I was able to replicate this in some settings but had difficulty when it came to listening to music across the house.

Now it needs to be said that there are quite a few walls. I look forward to hearing how you fair in getting the full 60 feet out of your tests.

With that said, I was able to, even throughout the house, get quite far away from the audio source, so this is might be a case of picking nits.


Bluetooth: Bluetooth launches immediately, so there is no need to go into settings like with some devices and pair your headphones for every use.

Sound: I can’t stress how well this version sounds. The active noise-canceling technology shouldn’t just block out a great deal of airplane noise when traveling but will also have your significant other screaming for your attention when you are washing the dishes at home.

But the construction and quality of sound is enough for you to lose yourself in the headphones’ regular mode.

Charge: This is the big one.

Now Paww states that the battery, “a replaceable 3.7V, 860 mAh battery,” will charge in about four hours. (I found this to be true.)

It also states that the set will keep a charge through about 36 hours of use. I am inclined to believe them.

The problem is I have used these for about 12-15 hours and have yet to deplete the charge by anything close to half.

This is the kind of set that you could almost charge at home, throw in your bag for your trip and feel confident that you will return with more than enough juice.

The WaveSound 2 isn’t the least bit terrified about your daunting International flight.  

Case and Construction: The set comes in a stylish case that feels extremely durable, which complements headphones that have a nice heft to them and feel as if years of use are in store.

Now despite the heft, there wasn’t too much exhaustion in wearing them over the course of a few hours. 


With airline adapters, extremely generous battery life and high-quality sound, the WaveSound 2 headphones are near perfect for the audiophile on the go.

These headphones shine in so many departments that I can’t help but recommend you consider them if you are looking for something with power that you can take to all corners of the globe, bringing the absolute best your music has to offer with you.


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