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Tech of the Week: Get Inspired With Travel App GoingPlaces

Travel Technology | Gabe Zaldivar | January 20, 2016

Tech of the Week: Get Inspired With Travel App GoingPlaces

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Swipe right and you file away a potential travel nugget for the future. Swipe left and you move on to some other picture.

Many of you who are used to social media apps will get the idea behind GoingPlaces quickly. Those who aren’t will be captivated by a new app that makes planning and daydreaming about travel fun, immersive, intuitive and easy.

Fortunately, we were able to touch base with the creative team behind a new app that you will delight in using.

But first we should introduce this innovation, about which we are so enthusiastic.

It’s called GoingPlaces, a social media application launched by the people behind website and developed by Pinxter, Inc.

Positioned as a travel inspiration app, GoingPlaces is like a cavalcade of images that you can swipe through, saving the locations you find intriguing and skipping past the ones you don’t.

The free app allows its users to share trip ideas with others through social media channels, get updates on potential locations, find the latest trends among destinations and connect with various tour and hotel operators for that next vacation.

The most obvious value we saw from first use was its ability to spark that excitement we have for travel.

Now you can scour the “Inspiration” section for videos and images that are posted. And you can scan an Instagram-like feed in the “Trending” section.

However, we used a hefty amount of minutes simply scrolling through one brilliant image after another while wondering to ourselves where in the world is that?

Thankfully, the answers are forthcoming on the app. As for what sparked its creation, we received word from various people behind the scenes, such as Cal Simmons who is the founder of GoingPlaces and a 30-year veteran of the travel industry.

When asked about the impetus behind the app, Simmons offered: “GoingPlaces grew out of our recognition that consumers are always looking for recommendations, but also have an ongoing need for visuals. The power of an incredible photo can't be denied. So, branching off of our current recommendation website, I was eager to take this idea and pair it with the growing shift towards mobile within the travel space.”

What follows is the rest of the interview which also featured Dave Glaize, who is the sales & marketing manager at GoingPlaces, as well as Pinxter Inc. CEO Sergei Dubograev.

TravelPulse: It is so easy to use and, what I found, extremely fun. However, can you explain a bit on what is taking place behind the scenes? What are the innovations that your company is using to get great recommendations and images to consumers as they flip through?

Cal Simmons: We’ve partnered with expert developers from Pinxter Inc., and have built upon their interactive platform, which has already been extremely successful in several other industries, including fashion and real-estate.  It's all about ease and accessibility, and we’re focused on consistently enhancing our users’ experience. As for the photos, we can’t reveal all of our secrets, but we are hard at work curating the best variety of captivating travel content, to keep our users actively engaged and inspired.

TP: How does your staff decide on what fills the Inspiration page?

Dave Glaize: We see the inspiration page as a "news feed” of sorts, where we can share incredible videos, newly released trip specials, valuable travel contests and simply beautiful content to get our users’ wheels turning.  If it catches our eye, or makes our jaw drop, it has a home on the inspiration page.

TP: Is the app learning a bit more on what we as consumers value or interest us as we "Skip" or "Like" images on the explore page?

Sergei Dubograev: The app is learning with every swipe and, in the next phases, it will be able to send recommendations, prioritize content and even have a smart search filter where users can manage the "Explore" tab to their favorite destinations, activities or travel supplier preferences.  In addition, the "Trending" tab is constantly refreshing to display the top travel experiences in the GoingPlaces community.  Popularity will always be an important component.

TP: What should users expect from the exciting service in the next year and beyond?

DG: We will continue to build on the travel expertise of our founder, Cal Simmons, and the learnings that Pinxter has developed from working in a variety of industries.  We’re eager to continually become more involved with our users, learning from their feedback and enhancing their app experience.  And, you can always expect to find striking travel photos and bucket list worthy trip ideas!

TP: Will the app remain free for the foreseeable future?

CS: Yes. 

TP: What, if any, partnerships might GoingPlaces offer in the future?

CS: We’re aiming to work with a broad range of tour operators, hotels, airlines and, most importantly, tourist boards to curate the most valuable and “wanderlust worthy” content, of destinations worldwide. 

TP:  Where do you see the next logical step for this particular innovation? Where would you like to see GoingPlaces in five years or more?

CS: We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but we’re excited about the countless directions GoingPlaces could go in. We’re eager to see where the "mobile shift" will take the travel industry. At this point, anything is possible. 

TP: Lastly, is there anything you think travelers might need to know about this exciting new travel tool?

CS: We’re here to introduce our users to the world. From showcasing under the radar locales, to highlighting new ways to travel to them, there are endless ideas in the app. GoingPlaces should be the first stop for anyone brainstorming or dreaming about their next trip. We’re adding new content every single day, so you never know where you might end up. 


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