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Tech of the Week: Give Your Summer Travels A Soundtrack With Flipagram

Travel Technology | Gabe Zaldivar | May 25, 2016

Tech of the Week: Give Your Summer Travels A Soundtrack With Flipagram

Image via Flipagram

It’s not enough to merely take a trip. You have to capture the most treasured of moments and share them across social media. But if you are in the mood for a more cinematic approach, you might consider Flipagram.

We had the pleasure of touching base with Flipagram personnel recently, which gave us an opportunity to dig deeper into a social media channel that may just super power your own updates.

But first, we should explain that Flipagram works much in the same way as other apps, using an easy and intuitive interface.

The moment you open the app, you get some featured videos for added inspiration. On the bottom of the screen you have the ability to immediately search, upload your own post or chat with users.

Posting a video is ridiculously easy and comes with the added ability to pick from a treasure trove of popular music to add to your images.

And, yes, Flipagram works with apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so you can share and share alike after posting.

As you will soon see, Flipagram is one app you should have at the ready as we all plunge deep into summer.

TravelPulse: There is an obvious inclination to compare Flipagram to other brands in the industry. How have you seen consumers embrace things that are particularly Flipagram?

Flipagram: There are a number of social media apps out there and they all have different use cases.  People come to Flipagram because we empower anyone to create beautiful, immersive stories with full-screen video and still photos, set to up to 60 seconds of free music.

Flipagram is the only app fully licensed with a comprehensive catalog of music available for free, from the latest popular hits to the most obscure for the social video usecase.


TP: We imagine travelers make up a tremendous portion of your users. Have there been any travel trends that you can see from uploads, places or generations in terms of what is being featured or who is using the service?

F: That’s right. Travel is one of the most popular use cases on Flipagram. We see a spike in creation on Flipagram during key travel seasons including summer, which is just around the corner.



Travelers love Flipagram because it’s free on iOS, Android and Windows phones, and is perfect for capturing all of life’s special on-the-go moments. Travelers can shoot full screen video and photos within the app and then select which assets they would like to use to create a beautiful Flipagram story. Flipagram’s wide selection of customization features such as the ability to filter, add text, adjust the speed of a Flip, add a soundtrack and create Flips that have no limit in length are embraced across the network.

As far as trends go, destinations known for outdoor adventuring tend to rise to the top in terms of popularity on Flipagram and various forms of peripherals such as the use of GoPros and drones are increasingly being used in creations on Flipagram.

Here are some examples of beautiful Flipagrams created in some of the world’s most scenic destinations:

Iceland (shot with a drone):



Grand Canyon




TP: Are there any features coming in the future that might excite users?

F: We have made several recent updates to the app that contribute to why so many users love Flipagram, especially to document their travels.

Examples include:

-The ability to add music as the “ultimate filter” - users can select from millions of up to 60 second music clips for their Flip creations

-The in-app camera allows for more spontaneous capture and creation with video and photos without leaving the app (or clogging up the camera roll)

-Direct messaging lets users privately share Flipagrams and have conversations with friends and groups within the app

-Flipagram offers beautifully immersive full screen video for editing, creating and consuming Flips

-The "Explore" section empowers discovery as users can easily search for and discover music from popular and emerging artists, and content from top influencers all in one place



TP: What makes a great Flipagram? What trends do you see that generally encompasses the most successful uploads?

F: The most successful Flipagrams are authentic and creative.

Flipagrams that are 20-40 seconds in length, are set to music and incorporate a combination of full screen video and photography tend to resonate best on the network.

TP: Flipagram is growing at a tremendous rate with over 4 billion views a day. What is the hope for the app in the next few years?

F: As more and more people create on Flipagram we expect users will begin to organize into affinity groups to connect, consume and search for desired content related to a specific topic of interest. For example, travelers could seek out inspiration and ideas from other users around destinations, packing tips, activity/restaurant suggestions and much more within the Flipagram community.


TP: Is there anything you feel like our travel readers would love to hear about Flipagram?

F: Travel is one of the most popular use cases on Flipagram. Our users love that you can add music to your Flip stories and give your destination their own “theme song” to perfectly match the mood for the trip.


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