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Tech of the Week: Hands-On With Ventev's Line of Portable Power Solutions

Travel Technology | Gabe Zaldivar | December 16, 2015

Tech of the Week: Hands-On With Ventev's Line of Portable Power Solutions

Images via Ventev

The one thing you absolutely need while traveling, aside from a stiff drink, is power. This week we take a look at a company chockablock with products dedicated to making sure you are never without the all-important power.

Ventev is a Maryland-based company that remains focused “on designing, engineering, and developing intelligent and exciting products that cover the wireless spectrum.”

I was fortunate enough recently to take a portion of its line for the ol’ travel try recently. Seeing as how I am homebound for the holidays, I used the following products in and around Los Angeles for a couple of weeks.

What I found, quite simply, is that Ventev gets the traveler. The devices were quick to charge and even quicker to charge other devices. But before I get carried away with glee, let’s break down what I tech tested.

Global charginghub 300:

Price: $34.99 at Ventev ($26.60 at Amazon)

Rating: 4 out of 5

Impressions: I currently have a sizable ration of UK adapters and a smattering of adapters that work around the globe. However, having an all-in-one solution is akin to being served some delicious cake and being allowed to devour it.

Now I haven’t yet traveled with this bad boy yet, but it works great at home in the U.S. setting.

I can extrapolate that it’s just as wonderful in Japan/United States mode as it is when it transforms into power befitting Australia/China; the United Kingdom or Europe. In all, Ventev boasts capability for 150 countries.

Powercell 6000:

Price: $59.99 at Ventev ($46.15 at Amazon)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Impressions: Here is your solution if you are traveling with smartphone and tablet, which is an increasing number of travelers—especially those of the business persuasion.

I have to say I was rather pleased with this slick-looking device that took on the task of charging an iPhone 4S and an iPad mini. It did wonders for my iPhone 5, but I wanted to see how it handled a bit older of a model.

The phone was fully charged from a near dead state in less than two hours while an iPad was being charged and thoroughly used in the process. In that time, the Powercell 6000 lost roughly half of its charge.

Powercell 3015+:

Price: $49.99 at Ventev ($38.71 at Amazon)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Impressions: This may have been my favorite device and one I can see getting the most use at home and abroad.

While it might be a tad bulky, it’s extremely lightweight. It’s also a two-in-one device, which means you can charge on the go or plug in your device once you get to a socket.

The digital display also lets you know how much juice you have available when you are away from home.

And again, it’s very light, making this the kind of gadget I wouldn’t mind taking up pocket space with my phone. 


Price: iPhone 5 $34.99 ($40.00 at Amazon)

Rating: 4 out of 5

Impressions: The model I used is for the iPhone 5, so that’s what I featured, but Ventev has solutions for the iPhone 6, iPad Air, Galaxy and LG models.

The screen is a bit thicker than you might be used to and feels like it is offering prime protection. The only caveat is there is no hole where the facing camera is located.

However, this didn’t seem to be a problem with image quality after a great deal of use. The screen, thus far, has remained scratch free.


Chargesync alloy cable:

Price: $29.99 ($29.99 at Amazon)

Chargesync cable (flat, tangle-resistant) 6-feet:

Price: $29.99 ($20.89 at Amazon)

Chargesync cable (flat, tangle-resistant) 6-inch:

Price: $22.99 ($16.27 at Amazon)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Impressions: I was impressed not only with the capability of the cables but the durability.

None of the above felt like they would wear out amid your exhausting travels, nor do they show signs of easy entanglement.

The 6-inch is particularly useful for mobile charging.


If you are looking for last-minute gift ideas for that traveler in your life, Ventev has a wide selection of devices they will cherish for quite some time.

My favorite selection might be the Global charginghub and the Powercell 3015+, which seems to be the most versatile option for the world traveler.

In any case, you will hardly ever be want for power.


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