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Tech Of The Week: Trveler Is A Sensational Subscription-Based Travel Service

Travel Technology | Gabe Zaldivar | November 19, 2015

Tech Of The Week: Trveler Is A Sensational Subscription-Based Travel Service

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It would be pretty darn amazing to subscribe to a travel service, having amazing adventures delivered to your door quarterly. Well, Trveler is aiming to do just that.

While it’s impossible to have a weekend in Seattle dropped off by UPS, there is a way to subscribe to a service that will allow you to scour the nation a few times each year.

And that’s exactly what millennials expect these days, subscribing to things like Loot Crate and Birchbox.

And this is how Trveler works, allowing the travel-savvy subscriber the ability to pay a monthly fee and receive the awesome power of travel every 90-120 days.

TravelPulse had the opportunity to speak with founders Pablo Chavez and George Haskell on the endeavor.

As Chavez relays, the technology was borne from simply chatting with friends about a subscription service they had at the time, a company that delivered socks.

Truly, you can get just about anything nowadays without so much as leaving your house. And now, you can get the promise of leaving said house on vacation without the rigmarole of planning and poring over myriad websites for the ideal package.

Haskell states, “We’re building a system that can automatically generate hotel and airfare packages based on parameters that normal businesses like an Orbitz or an Expedia wouldn’t even think of. We take someone and their preferences and basically build stuff just for them—things that we think that they will like based on a few different parameters.”

Chavez about sums it up beautifully: “The gist of it is (giving subscribers) the ability to travel multiple times a year without breaking the bank, not having to dump a tremendous amount of money all at once and do it to a new destination each time—all without having to worry about planning and have to find the best deals possible. We sort of take care of that with all inclusive hotel and airfare. So really all you have to do is enjoy the experience.”

And for the moment, you can get in with the pioneers of subscription-based travel with $100 off your first month with the coupon code: Beta.

Now for the specifics, the first package is the Nomad, which runs $139 per month for a single or $249 for couples.

This gets you roundtrip airfare from your location to a destination chosen for you as well as two nights in a three-star hotel.

Those who want a bit more can opt for the Trekker, which allows you to choose from 10 destinations.

The end goal is to extend the offerings to one day include group travel. Chavez explained, “We do have the ability for anybody who signs up to add a companion traveler. When you set up any of the packages that we have, the Nomad, the Trekker or the Cruiser, you have the ability to add one more person.”

The co-founder continued, “The goal is to get to the point where you can create travel groups. Everyone in that group would get that same destination. But as of right now you can travel with one more person, which is perfect for couples.”

Haskell chimed in with the possibilities: “Can you imagine doing this as a bachelor party or some other event with buddies, where everyone is doing the same thing? The possibilities are really endless.”

Now you might be thinking that you want a bit more control of your trip. Thankfully, Trveler allows you to pick the dates you wish to travel. The only thing that remains a surprise is the destination—if you are opting for Nomad travel. With Trekker you will have your pick of destination.

Haskell expounds, “The trip is spontaneous. The destination is spontaneous. The dates are not. We don’t want to put anyone in the position where they have a trip they can’t go on. You choose the date and we choose the destination.”

As for destinations, those are limited, just for the moment, to 40 locations. This makes sense when you consider a budding technology is whisking travelers to destinations for an acceptable price.

Haskell explains: “There are 40 different destinations and there’s a smaller subset of origin airports. Just because we are just starting out and because the pricing going year-round can fluctuate so much, we started with some of your larger airports and then are expanding. I think we’ve added new airports every single week where we accept travelers from. If we get someone who signs up from an airport we don’t support, we go and do some digging and see if we can make it work. And we’ve been able to do that for everyone so far.”

Now you might be wondering whether you Nomad travelers will be stuck with a destination that can just as easily be traversed by car.

No need to worry there, because the basis of this technology is to get as much adventure as possible in subscription form.

To that end, Chavez asserts: “We’re trying to send them (subscribers) as far away as possible from their destination that still fits within our business model. So we’re never going to send someone from Orlando to Miami or from San Diego to LA. We adhere to at least two or three states away—at least two I think is a minimum.”

Haskell actually gave an example of a recent subscriber from Los Angeles who was given selections that included Denver, Seattle and Washington D.C.—fine U.S. cities that offer varying but highly enjoyable attractions.

If you are interested, you can sign up for one of the packages for at least four payments and renew or put your account on hold as you see fit.

From there you will get a trip every 90-120 days, which will either be a brilliant surprise or a selection you chose from various fine cities.

In either case, travel figuratively arrived at your doorstep, ready to be unwrapped with giddy hands that tear away at the possibility.

For the person who thinks they just don’t travel nearly enough, this is the service that will solve that problem rather beautifully.


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