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Tech Review: Testing Bluesmart's Powerful Carry-On Luggage

Travel Technology | Gabe Zaldivar | June 13, 2016

Tech Review: Testing Bluesmart's Powerful Carry-On Luggage

Photo courtesy of  Bluesmart

There are a few scenes throughout the Star Wars franchise that show a main character departing with an android counterpart following briskly behind. While I’ll never be a Jedi, I do know what it’s like to meander about with a Blusemart One following closely by my side.

Tragically for this geek, this is as close as I will get to having a sci-fi droid by my side.

But it’s not a stretch to feel as if this piece of smart luggage is working for you every step of the way. And there is even a nifty blue light you can turn on and off at the front to really sell your sci-fi swag.

For those not familiar, Bluesmart is a smart carry-on luggage solution that uses the power of Bluetooth to power your next business or leisure trip.

I was fortunate enough to actually get my hands on the original Bluesmart One recently to review.

Here is what I found.

Small But Roomy:

The first thing I noticed out of the box is this thing is adorable, which is a nice way of saying it’s small.

This might be where my initial R2-D2 reaction may have stemmed.

I am used to an older Samsonite carry-on that measure about 22" x 14" x 9” and can get me through most travel conundrums. It also can be expanded for what might be another inch or so of room.

The Blusemart measurements are, as you’d expect, 22" x 14" x 9” in line with most airline regulations. However, it stands shorter than my older carry-on and thanks to the latter’s expander And Bluesmart’s hard shell the One seems far more taut when viewed side by side.

A quick measurement of the inside shows one huge pocket for the older bag that measure about 9’’ in depth. The Bluesmart has two panels, one that is about four to five inches in depth.

However, when I packed I found that I only really had to sacrifice a few items and still had enough room for most of what I would bring on a trip. Honestly, I wouldn’t really notice the difference all that much; it amounted to a sweater and a couple of shirts.


But let’s be adults here. You’re throwing down $449 on this luggage because you want something outside the ordinary, a travel tote that also solves dilemmas outside of lugging around your clothes.

And Bluesmart does just that in clever, seamless ways.

Now I haven’t had Bluesmart for a long time, but I can already tell that I will soon take some of its amenities for granted in luggage pieces in general. So if the rest of the industry could catch up that would be nice.

You meet your Bluesmart and charge it as you would any device you own. This particular gadget has its own app that you are encouraged to download if you want to take full control of the luggage.

I was able to weigh my luggage, lock it and confirm its location all with the handy iOS app (also available for Google Play).

The coolest aspect was the alert you can toggle on or off that sounds when you move away from your luggage.

This is perfect for the cautious folk who want to get a heads up the second their luggage moves from their area. Now a possible theft will result in a push notification to your phone.

You can also add a flight to the app, set an auto lock option, turn on and off distance alerts and, as I was overly delighted to do, turn on and off the thin blue light on the outside of the luggage. You almost feel like Michael Knight lugging around the Bluesmart.


I was pleasantly surprised by how much I could pack in the Bluesmart. Its layout makes it seem like stuffing a week’s worth of clothes might be a chore but it’s not. What you will find is that you have two ports to charge your devices, which work rather well.

There’s one on the back of the case and one tucked in cleverly in the front pocket, which I absolutely appreciate.

Now you can charge your iPad or other device as it’s sleekly stowed away.

Conclusion: 4 out of 5

Bluesmart has an industry star and it will only get better from here. Normally the first product out of the gate is beleaguered by various missteps.

The Bluesmart One is ready for travelers who demand far more power from their luggage. The era of the dumb suitcase ends here, because you can have room for your belongings and have tech intelligence too.

I would like to see a bit more room, faster charging and longer battery life, which are possibly in the realm of picking nits when you consider you have a suitcase that’s also a charging station, tracking device, flight tracker and scale.

There is room to grow, which possibly comes in the form of the newer Black Edition.

The biggest takeaway for me was how much fun packing and utilizing luggage could be. Once the honeymoon ends, you still have smart luggage that gives you travel tools that are actually helpful.


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