Last updated: 10:00 AM ET, Mon March 28 2016

Tinder Passport And 4 More Ways To Make Travel Social

Travel Technology Gabe Zaldivar March 28, 2016

Tinder Passport And 4 More Ways To Make Travel Social

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Nearly gone are the days of flying into a city and trying out your best opening line at the bar or hoping to luck out into a social circle at the hotel watering hole.

We live in an era of apps and immediate gratification, so it makes sense that you can make technology work for you in the most old school of endeavors: human companionship.

There are a few new innovations that we’d like to highlight at the moment that either makes romance or simple friendship a far easier enterprise while you travel.

One of the most useful and relatively new remains Tinder Passport, which is celebrating its one-year anniversary this very month.

Unveiled in March of 2015, Passport is essentially a way to dip your toes in the International dating scene.

Offered to Tinder members, the feature lets the user change their location, which makes it a breeze to set up various dates in cities you might be traveling to in the near future.

Instead of putting a solo travel’s romantic endeavor to chance, you can now meet your potential companion and learn a great deal about them ahead of time, giving you a sense of familiarity when you land in that foreign land away from home.

Tinder Passport isn’t the only relatively new option for those who like to infuse a bit more human interaction into their holidays.

Here are a few more:

CheckedIn: Perhaps you don’t crave a romantic romp but would rather simply meet likeminded people to meet during your corporate trip or leisure getaway.

CheckedIn allows you to do just that by finding people in your network that might enjoy that hike in the area or drink at the local pub.

Tripr: Launched at the end of 2014, Tripr has been a fantastic way for travelers to explore cities worldwide with more local wisdom.

You can swipe right as seen in Tinder and find a buddy to meet up with or, what is very helpful, you can scour the network for locals who are willing to offer tips on the place in which you are about to stay.

Backpackr: Scour a network of travelers willing to hang out and infuse your already unforgettable journey with a little friendship.

There is a message feature that will allow you to get more comfortable before you actually commit to any meeting.

MissTravel: This is a great way to customize your social experience. Basically, you fill out a form of expectations and then pick various modes of interaction that range from finding a person to share an adventure with you from the start or simply meet your future companion at a predetermined destination.