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Travello Makes Travel An Engaging Social Party

Travel Technology | Gabe Zaldivar | October 18, 2016

Travello Makes Travel An Engaging Social Party

PHOTO Travello social travel app for iOS and Android devices. (Photo courtesy Travello) 

Travel doesn’t have to be an isolating experience, relegated to your friends and family or your own personal backpacking itinerary. It can be an excuse to meet some amazing people while staying in some incredible locations.

We had the opportunity to glean some wisdom from the CEO of Travello, Ryan Hanley. Hanley was nice enough to offer some words on the app and its value to the modern traveler who wants to make travel a far more social enterprise.

For the uninitiated, Travello is a social networking app that connects likeminded travelers with one another.

As you will see from the following video and subsequent interview, it can do far more than that.

Travello Video from Travello App on Vimeo.

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TravelPulse: Thank you very much for taking time to speak to what looks like not only a promising social app but an extensive one. It seems like you can do a wealth of things outside of meet likeminded travelers. What is your favorite part?

Ryan Hanley: I feel like we have really solved a problem for travelers and this is by far not only my favorite part, but also the most rewarding part of what we are doing. We’ve relied on nothing but ‘word of mouth’ growth to this point and we are now being used in over 180 countries, so it’s clear there is a problem and Travello is solving it.

One of the best things about traveling is the people you meet – who often become friends for life. So we are really just making that connection easier. We’re bringing an organic process to a digital platform and allowing people to meet travelers who they otherwise never would have met.

To know we have played a part in those connections is really satisfying and is actually the key driver behind what we are doing.

TP: What was the impetus behind Travello?

RH: Funnily enough it was our problem.

Myself and Mark, my co-founder, have both traveled solo extensively and met some amazing people, but we just knew there had to be a better way than just meeting people who were in your hostel lobby, a bar or on a tour or activity. What about all the other travelers in your area that you didn’t cross paths with? We probably missed meeting some amazing people in various places purely because we didn’t directly cross paths with them.

Travello allows you to see all of those travelers in your area who you otherwise would have missed and also connects you via shared and common interests. It just makes the ‘meeting’ part, which is always awkward, simpler and easier.

TP: Have there been any remarkable success stories to come from its initial launch, people finding lifelong friends, travelers happening upon an adventure they may not have normally?

RH: We’ve had some amazing stories of travelers meeting and then going on a crazy adventure – and we’re so thankful that our users share these with us. But my favorite story is of three of our users, all living in London, from three different nationalities, that met on Travello.

They shared a common interest in hiking, which is why they connected on the app. After meeting, and in a pub in Islington, they hatched the idea of trekking to Everest Basecamp. Three months later they did it.

I mean, if that doesn’t satisfy you as a founder, what will? That is exactly why we created this app. Those guys may never had met, let alone created this life-long memory – and epic achievement – if it wasn’t for Travello. That’s really why we do it.

TP: What is some advice you have for first-time users to get the most out of the app and a new social adventure?

RH: We’ve created a community. And when you download Travello you are part of that community of like-minded travelers. Everyone who is on Travello is just like you and is there to connect with other travelers. Reach out, send a message and connect with someone with common interests. Travello is just a digital version of your hostel lobby or tour group – where you may not know them – but a friend for life is a conversation away!

TP: How does this app separate itself from the growing amount of social apps that might sit on a person's phone?

RH: I think the reason Travello has seen such amazing growth, is the fact that we really focus on community. That is what we are. We’re not there to sell you something and that’s really what sets us apart from the vast majority of travel apps.

Everyone on there is a passionate traveler – just like you – which is why we are getting the ‘word of mouth’ growth we are. That sense of community is really important to us, and providing a safe, trusted and connected community of travelers is really all we are focusing on at the moment.

TP: What are some components you would like to see added in the future?

RH: We’re going to continue to focus on making connections easier. So really curating the travelers you see around you, based on common interests and likes etc. is a focus for us at the moment. Getting a user to that first connection is really a priority for us.

But as we evolve, there are a number of other ways that we can really enhance the travel experience. And that’s really the question we ask ourselves as we scope and test features. ‘Is it going to make the travel experience better?’ If the answer is yes – we explore it – but we are not going to entertain anything that taints that experience. If it’s a ‘possibly’ or ‘maybe’ it’s just not going through.

TP: Lastly, what is something you feel our readers would love to know about Travello?

RH: Everyone on Travello loves travel – just like you. So if you want to surround yourself with people passionate about not only travel, but the community aspect of travel, then Travello is an app you should check out!


The app itself simplifies the process of finding fellow travelers who might want to share in an adventure.

It’s ridiculously intuitive and fun to use. You can, say, take a gander at who is roaming the town in the “Nearby” section.

This particular section is replete with images of people near you. Just click on an image and you are taken to a page that gives you far more information on the person, including their various travel interests. From there, you can launch into a conversation with an in-app messaging solution.

You can also find deals and events in your area that you might want to enjoy. One of the more intriguing portions is the Noticeboard section. Here you can post a question or meet-up request for other users to see and answer. It may just be the way you happen into a group drinking session around the city or get a great suggestion on a local eatery.

Travello is free and easy to use, which makes it one of the more compelling social travel apps on the market.

Finding a friend just got a lot more fun.


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