Last updated: 09:00 AM ET, Fri October 28 2016

Tripwire Is A Promising New App for Global Backpackers

Travel Technology Gabe Zaldivar October 28, 2016

Tripwire Is A Promising New App for Global Backpackers

PHOTO: Share the world with upcoming app Tripwire. (Photo courtesy Instagram/Tripwire)

Backpacking the expanse of the world doesn’t have to be a lonely and isolating experience.

On the contrary, setting out in the modern age means having the tools that connect you with like-minded people who can share in advice and in experiences.

Tripwire is a budding app currently in its beta stage that aims to help backpackers who wish to make travel a far more social endeavor. 

A full launch is expected at the top of 2017, but you can already download the app for free on iOS right now.

The innovation utilizes various social tools to make backpacking a more immersive enterprise, allowing you to meet fellow travelers in the area, share tips on great stomping grounds and compare routes.

And this is the kind of app that comes with an evolving industry that takes what is best about technology and employs it to inform and engage travelers. It’s that sentiment that co-founder Sam Hiscocks echoed at a TED talk.

Tripwire is exactly what you might expect from a co-founder who embraces all that is good in modern technology and social media.

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A press release explains that the app uses pin-dropping technology that gathers all the real-time, pertinent information a backpacker or regular traveler might need.

Before we get to the details, Hal Tyler, Co-Founder, Tripwire, explained why something like this app is needed in the marketplace, via press release: “As travelers we were becoming disillusioned with travel guides like Lonely Planet who are immediately outdated and travel review sites like TripAdvisor whose content is often unreliable and biased. We craved not only real-time travel tips, but also the ability to connect with nearby travelers and a platform that alerts us when our paths cross again.”

The most intriguing aspect of Tripwire is its ability to immediately connect travelers with others in the area as well as provide crucial information about the immediate vicinity.

Instead of tips that may be wildly outdated, you are promised the kind of information a spur-of-the-moment adventurer would appreciate.

Tyler continues: “Traveling is all about real life experiences and squeezing the most of each day. Tripwire enhances the real life by giving users current information and opportunities to connect. It digitalizes the travelers word-of-mouth and creates traveling communities too. We’ve been blown away with the interest we’ve had from both travelers and partners and we’re now looking to secure further investment to support the next phase.”

According to a brief look at the app, you can search various accommodations in your immediate area, such as places to eat, sleep, drink and scour for things to do.

There is also an in-app messaging service that makes connecting with our travelers a veritable breeze.

Or if you are the sharing type, you can post about an adventure or destination so other travelers have the real skinny on that location.

With apps like Tripwire, the world slowly shrinks to a more manageable area, and that’s wondrous.