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YouBackpacking Boasts Answers To Your Backpacking Travel Needs

Travel Technology | Gabe Zaldivar | July 21, 2016

YouBackpacking Boasts Answers To Your Backpacking Travel Needs

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The idea of ambling the highways, backroads and hiking trails of this wonderful world is an attractive one.

Thankfully, there is a service that is dedicated to giving travelers the tools they need to become successful in the backpacking world.

YouBackpacking is precisely that Internet watering hole that corrals crucial information on the industry makes it available to the intrepid and the curious.

We had the pleasure of touching base with YouBackpacking’s CEO Bradon Young who was nice enough to share some insight into this part of the travel world as well as an explanation of the website and its value. Essentially, it’s an online destination spot for the modern backpacker that will help them plan the trip of the lifetime.

First, Young eloquently explains the impetus and value of YouBackpacking and then offers some fantastic tips for those looking to get into this level of travel. It comes down to skirting the fear that comes with going at it solo, stopping to appreciate the journey and packing light in the luggage but not in the wallet.

Young does a far better job explaining each tip and how you might go about truly experience the richness of backpacking the right way.

Young’s website and team offer some simple tips and a website that will have you dominating the globe like a pro.


TravelPulse: The modern backpacker is very educated on travel and tips from the road. What would you say is YouBackpacking's greatest strength to offer for this intrepid traveler?

Bradon Young: If you’re a backpacker, you know you can just show up to a destination and be perfectly fine. To learn about things to do, you can just engage the people around you: accommodation staff, restaurant staff, new friends, fellow travelers, etc.

Hopefully, you find the “perfect person to meet,” someone like-minded and familiar with all the top stuff in the region. They don’t waste your time by suggesting every available attraction. Instead, they get straight to the point with things that might interest you and other backpackers.

YouBackpacking is the perfect person to meet. We tell you the top things in the region—the things backpackers might deem as “must-sees”—and almost nothing more. Our extensive gallery is connected to useful information and interactive maps so you can learn what makes a place special and decide if it’s worth visiting.

When you get there, you can reference all the best things available and let your time there unfold organically.

Is the advice on the website offered by yourself or a team of seasoned backpackers? How about the vivid photos that highlight spots around the world?

Our team is made up of highly seasoned backpackers. The advice we provide is the consensus of countless discussions held both at home and abroad. To top it off, we extensively research every topic online to make sure our information is—as much as possible—the general opinion of backpackers.

What would you say are some great general tips to someone eager to get into backpacking the world?

-Don’t be afraid - Many people are held back by a ‘fear of the unknown,’ which seems to prevent them taking the leap and traveling the world. But once you get out there, you will see that locals tend to be welcoming if you’re respectful. Backpacking can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life: don’t let fear hold you back.

-Travel Slow - Many first time travelers try to jam into their trips as many places and attractions as possible. While that might sound exciting, it quickly becomes stressful. We call it “checklist travel” and almost all seasoned backpackers advise against it. Try to take trips that are longer and more mindful. There is a certain magic to slowing down and really immersing into a destination and its culture. Let your days unfold organically. At home, life is often so busy, so relax and take it slow while you travel. You will learn why so many backpackers say “less is more.”

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-Pack the minimum - Overpacking is one of the main things that separates beginners and pros. The truth is that most backpackers do laundry every week. So, when you go on a year-long trip, you don’t need a year’s worth of clothes, you need one weeks worth! Three to five shirts, one or two pants, one or two shorts, one pair of athletic shoes for walking and hiking, maybe one pair of stylish shoes for going out (depends where you go)… you get it. Also, almost anything you might need will be probably available locally, so if you’re on the fence about something, don’t bring it!

-Mint - Start saving immediately if you’re eager to get on the road. To do that effectively, identify your real spending habits and strategize where to cut. The best tool for that is Mint, a money management platform that consolidates all of your checking and credit card accounts. It allows you to set budgets, make goals, and track your spending. On top of all that, it’s built by a major financial software company, Intuit, so you know your info is secure as possible. Check it out!

Is there anything you think our readers would like to hear about what seems to be a wonderful resource for independent travelers?

We built to make it easier for travelers to conceptualize the world—not just the classics like France and Costa Rica, but the up-and-coming like Montenegro and Guatemala which are surprisingly dense with incredible places. is much more than a destination resource. We are on a mission to help people go far beyond their cultural and geographical boundaries. We hope to empower interpersonal global journeys that transcend vacationing.

We believe that travel is one of the best forms of education: experiencing different cultures can bring unparalleled perspective into people's lives and we sincerely believe that if more people traveled, the world would be a better place.



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