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A Walking Tour of Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Vacation Packages SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Kristina Rundquist November 25, 2016

A Walking Tour of Busch Gardens Williamsburg

PHOTO: Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Verbolten roller coaster. (photo via SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment)

Stroll the streets of Paris, feast on pasta in Italy and then say a hearty “Prost!” as you celebrate Oktoberfest in Germany, all in one place.

Visitors to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, a division of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, can thrill to exciting rides, meet wild animals and take a tour of Europe all in a day’s fun.

In between jaunts across Europe, ride on six of the world’s best roller coasters, learn about the park’s conservation efforts, do some shopping and take a stroll down everyone’s favorite street, Sesame Street.

Start your journey in Ireland and Scotland, where you can visit the Tweedside Train Station before heading over to the Emerald Isle and the Abbeystone Theater. Be sure to visit the Castle O’Sullivan and the Europe in the Air, where you can take in all of Europe’s most famous landmarks in one ride. Ride the Loch Ness Monster and you’ll know this is the mother of all monster coasters as it takes you twirling and swirling high above the park.

Leave the Empire behind and head to Jack Hanna’s Wild Reserve, where you can learn more about the eagles the park has nursed back to health and take in the presentation, The Secret Life of Predators, where rats, raptors, wolves and foxes give you a glimpse into their secretive lives.

From there, it’s off to France and time for some excitement aboard the:

Le Catapult. This scrambler sends you catapulting from one side to the other.

Griffon. As the company’s second dive coaster, it features a 205-foot initial drop - 90 degrees straight down.

Le Scoot. The 50-foot drop in this log flume ride is well worth waiting for.

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When you’ve had your fill of chocolate and pastries head over to Germany and take a ride on:

 Alpengeist. This coaster is the stuff legends are made of. Take a ride on this snow monster and you will see why.

The Land of Dragons. The park’s littlest guests will delight in flying on the sweetest dragons around.

German Skyride. Get a bird’s eye view of the park as you gently glide along in a gondola.

Rhine River Cruise. Relax and take in the sights of this 339-acre park.

Kinder Karussel. Guests of all ages will be charmed by this vintage carousel.

Der Wirbelwind. Swing high above the park in these flying seats. Der Wirbelwindchen provides every bit the fun but on a smaller scale for smaller guests.

Der Autobahn. Bumper cars for the whole family. There’s even a Der Autobahn, Jr. for those who might have a little trouble seeing over the steering wheel.

The Curse of DarKastle. Plunge into darkness and explore the eternal night that lies within the DarKastle.

Verbolten: This roller coaster is verbolten as you hurtle through the Black Forest.

Mach Tower. Climb aboard for the thrill of a lifetime as you spiral 240-feet up to the tower’s peak.

Next up, get ready to explore Italy with its endless adventures:

Roman Rapids. Geysers, waterfalls and Roman ruins make this a water ride to remember.

The Trade Wind. Round and round she goes, where she stops nobody knows. Spin your way up and down in this park classic.

Turkish Delight. Take a turn in a spinning teacup and know that tea parties will never be the same again.

The Flying Machine. Spin, twirl and soar above Da Vinci’s Garden of Inventions.

Da Vinci’s Cradle. Rock and roll your way on this rollicking ride as you swing high above a garden of Da Vinci’s inventions.

The Battering Ram. Grab a seat on board this Viking vessel and hold on for dear life as you charge a castle wall.

Apollo’s Chariot. Apollo could only dream of a ride like this as you soar into the clouds on this hypercoaster.

Escape from Pompei. This flume ride is like no other as it takes you past the ancient ruins of Pompeii before a volcanic eruption of fun propels you along this shoot-the-chutes experience.