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Amtrak Vacations Launches 25 New Rail Packages

Vacation Packages Amtrak Vacations David Cogswell November 01, 2016

Amtrak Vacations Launches 25 New Rail Packages

PHOTO: Yellowstone National Park. (Photo by David Cogswell)

With domestic U.S. travel on a healthy upswing, Amtrak Vacations rolled out 25 new rail-based vacation packages, bringing its total number of offerings to around 350 programs.

The packages are independent and are available virtually any day based on train schedules. The packages can be purchased assembled and ready to go, off the shelf. But they can also be customized.

“There are more than 350 itineraries total, an infinite number of variations,” said Frank Marini, president of Amtrak Vacations. “You can add, build, or change anything you want based on the customers’ needs.”

Amtrak operates in 46 of the 48 contiguous states (South Dakota and Wyoming are the exceptions). Packages can be built combining segments for practically any domestic location where people want to travel.

“You can start at any point you want, or end at any of 500 station points,” said Marini. “We also connect in Canada with VIA Rail, so you can also add any of those points.”

The centerpiece of the new batch of programs plays to the surging popularity of the national parks. It’s call Grand National Parks. It’s a round trip from Chicago by train, incorporating rides on three of Amtrak’s most stylish trains and visits three of the most popular national parks, Yellowstone, Yosemite and Grand Canyon.

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The trip rides the California Zephyr from Chicago to San Francisco/Emeryville, the Coast Starlight from Emeryville to Los Angeles, and the Southwest Chief from Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon and back to Chicago.

The new programs were put together based on observing the buying preferences of customers.

“We watch what people are tailor-making and when we see a trend we create a package,” said Marini. “We introduce new programs throughout the year, not just at official launch dates.”

Domestic Travel Boom

Amtrak Vacations is seeing a surge in demand and an increase of sales volume, benefitting from a boom in domestic travel apparently based on a combination of factors.

While the fear that was churned up over terrorist bombings earlier in the year is fading, travel to Europe has not returned to previous levels.

“Europe is still soft,” said Marini. “Maybe the fact that it is an election year is contributing to it, but we are seeing a boom in domestic travel.”

Both domestic train travel and visits to the national parks are booming. which adds up to a double jackpot for Amtrak Vacations. And the people buying are often, surprisingly, experienced world travelers.  

“In the past, domestic travel hasn’t been the sexy thing,” said Marini. “It’s been eclipsed by travel to Europe or the Middle East. But now, because of the decline in Europe, many of these travelers are looking at the domestic traveler. Our travelers have traveled the world, but they haven’t seen their own backyard. They want to see it, but in different ways.”

When you are traveling by train, it’s not just a transportation component, said Marini. It’s a whole experience: the historic rail experience. With no concerns about driving or traffic, you are free to focus on the scenery.  

“People are looking for new experiences in the U.S.,” said Marini. “Traveling by train is a whole other aspect. The train is part of the experience. I see it as the new river cruising.”

As with river cruising, accommodations can be on board the transportation vehicle. The trains provide land travel without the automotive problems of parking and driving, or the hassles of airports. Like river cruise ports, rail stations tend to be centrally located.

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“The East Glacier train station, for example, is only 208 steps from Glacier Park Lodge,” said Marini.

Apparently many people are making that discovery, as Amtrak is attracting many new customers. Amtrak Vacations’ passengers are 63 percent first-time customers.

Travel Agent Alert

Marini is trying to alert travel agents to the potential of domestic rail vacations.

“I recently asked a group of agents how many sell cruises,” said Marini. “Of course many hands went up. Then I asked how many sell the U.S. national parks and rail vacations, and there were not as many hands.

“But I told them, according to CLIA, 23 million people cruised globally in 2015. But in a calendar year, 31 million people travel on Amtrak. And last year 307 million visited a national park. Cruises are great, but you want to make sure you are offering trains and national parks.”

Marini wants to follow the lead of the cruise lines.

“Cruises make it easy,” said Marini. “All the expenses are on the ship. We make it easy with our packaging. You can just call us. We’re the experts. Even at the national parks we have inventory.”