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Say Yes To Travel Insurance

Vacation Packages Exclusive Group Travel Kristina Rundquist November 25, 2016

Say Yes To Travel Insurance

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You spend weeks, even months, planning the perfect vacation down to the smallest detail, from the destination itself to your accommodations, even the restaurants in which you want to eat.

But the one thing you don’t plan for is what you’ll do in the event something goes wrong.

Whether it’s a family emergency before you even board the plane or a medical crisis or natural disaster that occurs after you’ve embarked on your trip, there are a host of problems that can throw a wrench in even the best-laid travel plans. Enter travel insurance.

Travel insurance can protect your hard-earned vacation investment–including nonrefundable deposits and unused payments–against a host of unexpected events whether it’s a lost passport or stolen wallet or a hurricane that means you have to leave your resort in the middle of your stay.

Travel insurance is not a one-size-fits-all plan, however. Policies can protect your investment against losses caused by trip cancellation and/or interruption, baggage loss and delay, supplier default, medical expenses stemming from an accident or illness, medical evacuation and more. Of course, factors such as pre-existing health conditions, dates of travel, the total cost of your trip and more all affect the policies that are available and their cost. Travelers who want to protect their investment should talk with their travel agent about the policies available to them.

Exclusive Group Travel offers a Cancel for Any Reason plan, meaning you can cancel for any reason, literally. Whether your cat has a cold and you don’t want to leave him or you broke your ankle practicing the cha-cha and need immediate surgery, Exclusive Group Travel has you covered.

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Underwritten by Transamerica Casualty Insurance Co., the Cancel for Any Reason plan covers:

* Trip interruption up to the total original price of the trip.

* Trip delay up to $200.

* Lost, stolen, damaged baggage/personal effects up to $800.

* Baggage delay up to $100.

* Emergency medical evacuation up to $25,000.

* Repatriation up to $25,000.

* Accident medical expense up to $10,000.

* Sickness medical expense up to $10,000.

The Cancel for Any Reason plan also includes 24/7 worldwide CareFree Travel Assistance (provided by On Call International) that includes such services as:

Travel Assistance. Whether you require last-minute flight and hotel changes, return travel for minor and dependent children, cash transfers or even the coordination of travel for visitors to bedside, CareFree Travel Assistance has you covered. What’s more, the service includes assistance with lost travel documents such as passports and visas, multi-lingual translation and interpretation services, emergency message relay service, currency exchange, even the latest weather updates, health and safety advisories and passport requirement information.

Medical assistance. From replacement of eyeglasses or contacts to prescription medications and more. Also included are case management, consultation and monitoring services; referrals to local medical providers; worldwide medical information; medical transportation; and the dispatch of a doctor or specialist.

Emergency services. Whether you are in need of emergency medical and dental services, legal assistance or even family travel arrangements, it’s covered.