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Taking Aruba By Storm

Vacation Packages Delta Vacations Bobbi Dempsey November 29, 2016

Taking Aruba By Storm

PHOTO: The Ritz Carlton in Aruba is just one hotel to choose from with Delta Vacations. (Courtesy Delta Vacations)

Aruba is one of those vacation destinations that has wide appeal because it has such a diverse range of offerings, with something sure to be of interest to just about everyone. You can count on having new things to try and explore every day, and would still never run out of new adventures.

When making your travel plans, consider visiting this Caribbean paradise through Delta Vacations – perfect for any time of year since Aruba lies outside the hurricane belt.

And here are five things you won’t want to miss while in Aruba:

Hit the beaches. This is probably a no-brainer, since access to numerous gorgeous beaches ranks up there at the top of the most appealing (and well-known) things about Aruba. You have plenty of options to choose from, ranging from the sparking tranquil waters of Palm Beach that are perfect for swimming, to the Eagle Beach area that tends to be a mecca for water sports fans. Get a great view of the surrounding area by embarking on a sunset cruise, or just stroll along the warm pristine shores.

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Get a kick out of the donkey sanctuary. Animal lovers will delight in a visit to Donkey Sanctuary Aruba. Operated by a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing and nurturing the region’s donkey inhabitants, this sanctuary is also a great place to learn more about these four-legged residents of Aruba.

Test your luck at the casinos. You may be able to include a windfall in your travel highlights if you are lucky enough to hit it big at one of the island’s popular casinos. Stellaris Casino, for example, is open around the clock and offers hundreds of slot machines, more than two dozen gaming tables, and an assortment of other games of chance. The Casino at the Ritz-Carlton and La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino are other options for gamblers hoping luck is on their side.

Check out local landmarks. Many people say that a photo near the Old Dutch Windmill is a must-do item on any Aruba vacation to-do list. You will probably also want to plan to visit the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, where you can tour some unique ruins—and get a great view that also serves as a breathtaking vista for a photo background. As a bonus, you will also get an interesting history lesson and hear legends of Aruba’s past.

Head underwater for a close-up look at The Antilla. This is definitely something that divers (or history/naval buffs) won’t want to miss. The SS Antilla was a German cargo ship that sank beneath these waters in 1940. For divers, the chance to swim around its wreckage and get a close-up look at the remains of this massive ship is an incredible opportunity. In addition to the wreckage itself, you will also see many different types of colorful tropical fish and other underwater creatures.

Delta Vacations offers many great deals on trips to this island jewel, where you can enjoy an amazing climate pretty much all year round. They have numerous options to fit just about any budget.