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    10 Easy Ways To Travel More In 2016

    10 Easy Ways To Travel More In 2016

    Did you make a New Year’s resolution to travel more in 2016? We sure hope so — after all, science proves that travel just might be the secret to happiness. While globetrotting could sound out of reach, you don’t have to quit your job or become a travel blogger to find new opportunities for adventure.

    Here are ten of our top tips to find more time and resources for travel. While all of them won’t work for everyone, following just a few of these tricks could completely change your travel outlook. Happy wandering!

    1. Prioritize

    Want to know one of the easiest, yet most powerful ways to start traveling more? Start making your trips a non-negotiable priority! We hear all the time how lucky we are to travel as frequently as we do. But we’ll let you in on a secret: luck is only a tiny part of the equation. We’ve made traveling a priority, and as such, have decided to forego other luxuries and commodities to make our adventures possible. Make travel in 2016 your top priority, and you might be surprised at how many opportunities arise.

    2. Simplify

    It’s incredibly easy to accumulate junk. Not just physical stuff, but mental and emotional distractions that keep us from realizing our goals. Let go of anything you’re holding on to that does not provide value or give joy. This might mean selling your clutter and then using the money for a weekend vacation. Or it might involve saying “no” to that extra work project so you have time to start trip planning. The key is to simplify your life so you have more time, money and energy for what matters most to you.

    3. Go Local

    You don’t always have to jet halfway across the world to have the adventure of a lifetime. What local destination or tourist attractions could you consider visiting? Maybe there’s a national park in your state you’ve always heard good things about, but never visit. Or maybe it’s acting like a tourist in your own city or town. There’s always something new to see and discover — it’s up to you to find it.

    4. Sign Up For Travel Deal Alerts

    We subscribe to a handful of travel newsletters that send us the best travel deals, auctions and alerts. While often it’s hit or miss, we’ve scored excellent airfare to destinations that otherwise would have been out of reach.

    Stockholm - A Cruising Couple

    5. Utilize Three Day Weekends

    Have a three-day weekend? Make the most of it by taking off the rest of the week and going on holiday. You’ll have to plan ahead slightly as everyone wants to make the most of their limited vacation days, but it’s oh-so worth it when you pull it off.

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    6. House Swap/Housesit

    House Sitting

    Accommodation can easily become the biggest piece of your travel budget pie. To cut back on hotel costs, try house swapping or house sitting. Both of these provide free (and beautiful) accommodation in fantastic destinations around the world. We’ve written an entire guide to getting started with house sitting as it is one of our favorite ways to save money on travel.

    7. Negotiate For More Time Off Work

    One of the biggest travel boundaries we hear from our friends and family is the ability to take time off work. Vacation days are limited, and that means so are the adventures to be had. If this is you, then try negotiating with your boss to get more time off work rather than a raise. Just be sure to include in your argument that vacations are proven to increase productivity, and you might find yourself with a few extra days for gallivanting around the globe.

    8. Bring The World To You

    Greek Wine

    Okay, so this one isn’t necessarily a way to travel more. But if you’re really unable to get out and explore, then why not bring the world to you? Invite your friends over for a weekly dinner where you feature unique cuisine from different regions of the world. Lose yourself in a travel memoir. Watch the best travel films of all time. It’s not exactly the same as traveling, but it’s an inspiring substitute.

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    9. Allocate A Travel Fund

    We like to a number of different savings accounts dedicated to things we are saving up for. Whether it’s a giant jar or an actual account at the bank, we have a specific spot where we save money for travel. Sometimes when we’re thinking of going out to dinner or splurging on a new item, we’ll forego the activity and then put the money we would have spent directly into our travel account. And because we prioritize travel, we don’t use this money for anything other than our upcoming trips. It’s a guilt-free way to say “yes” to that dream trip.

    10. Ask (Or Give) The Gift Of Travel

    When we got married, we knew we wanted to take an epic honeymoon. But right out of college, we had no money in the bank to fund our two-month dream trip. So instead of registering for wedding gifts, we asked for honeymoon contributions. And it worked! We were able to rack up the memories of a lifetime on an epic road trip around the U.S.

    Next Christmas, rather than buying the latest toys for your kids, why not ask the family if they would rather take a family trip? And of course, flight miles, gas cards and hotel vouchers all make great birthday gifts.

    These are ten of our top tips that we not only advise to our blog readers, but also try to live by ourselves. What tips do you have for traveling more in 2016?


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