Last updated: 08:19 PM ET, Thu October 20 2016

20 Ways to Sail Smoothly Through Chinese Culture

20 Ways to Sail Smoothly Through Chinese Culture

Photo courtesy of Collette

A trip to China can be an amazing experience, but especially for Western visitors, the cultural differences present some challenges.

Never fear, Collette blogger and world traveler Claudia Looi has compiled a list of 20 tips that will make integration into the Chinese way of life a lot easier — created after her recent eight-week stay in the country, visiting Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Beijing and Guangzhou.

The nuances of spending money in China is a big part of the list, such as where spending local currency is appropriate, the role of credit cards, plus advice on tips and haggling.

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Ways of communication with locals is another important element of the list, like having hotel addresses or other locations written in Chinese to present to a taxi driver and learning simple phrases in the local tongue.

Dining etiquette is also mentioned — the precise way to toast plus unique table manners.

Lastly, don’t be surprised when you are photographed by locals and, of course, bring your own toilet paper…

To find out more about China travel and see the full list, visit Collette’s blog.