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  • Rosalind Cummings-Yeates | January 8, 2016 9:00 PM ET

    4 Crucial Tips on Finding Love While Traveling

    4 Crucial Tips on Finding Love While Traveling

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    We’ve all seen the cheesy movies and heard the traveler tales: Eyes meeting across the bar, long walks on the beach, smoldering kisses, a passionate hook-up and then the vacay ends and back to reality. After a few Skype calls, you never see each other again.

    It’s true, a lot of travel romances turn out to be just transitory flings. But not always. If you’re looking to make a meaningful connection during your next trip, consider these tips:

    Open Your Mind

    This is the first rule of travel in general but especially if you want to meet someone. Leave your judgments, expectations and exacting requirements at home. Let go of your list of dating rules and allow yourself to adapt to your surroundings.

    Go where the locals go, try their food, music and traditions. Don’t worry about how things look or how people might look at you. If a potential date smiles at you, don’t be afraid to smile back. By opening yourself up to new experiences, you’re also allowing space for a new relationship.

    Listen and Observe

    Too often, travelers are eager to explain and declare how their country does things, often shutting down opportunities to learn about alternative ways of living. Try to do more listening than talking.

    Ask about local history and traditions, including dating rituals. Observe and absorb the daily rhythms of your destination. Develop a routine that helps you connect with your locale and its people. If the typical breakfast is fish and rice, head to the neighborhood joint and order that every morning. Observe how the dish is prepared and consumed.

    Ask locals about other popular dishes. Your interest isn’t just personally enriching but attractive. Everybody loves to show visitors their customs. You’ll soon be meeting lots of locals, including possible partners.

    Ditch Your Comfort Zone

    You’re in a new location and all your previous hang-ups don’t apply. Nobody knows you so there’s nobody to question your new behavior. If you never dance, force yourself to dance at a small nightspot. Think karaoke is silly?  Drag yourself to karaoke night and sing the corniest tune available. Facing your discomfort is freeing and that freedom can draw all sorts of interest toward you.

    Be Safe

    You’ll notice that none of these tips involve any direct actions toward a relationship. That’s because it’s not the superficial — dress, body type, material possessions — that create lasting romance. It’s inner qualities that affect who you attract and travel has the ability to shift those attributes faster than most other situations. That’s why many travelers always manage to meet new people on trips but never in their hometown. Their whole attitude is different while traveling so they attract more prospects.

    That being said, a new attitude while traveling doesn’t mean adapting a new form of stupid. Don’t invite strangers into your room. Don’t let people know you’re traveling alone. Don’t flash money or valuables and don’t go off into an isolated area with a stranger. Love while traveling is like love any place else; you need to be open to it but still discerning. On your next trip, be welcoming to new relationships but be smart.


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