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    4 German Beers You Must Try

    4 German Beers You Must Try

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    The beating heart of Europe’s “beer belt,” Germany is known the world over for its delicious brews. In fact, I’m willing to bet a cold one that “beer” would be near the top of the list of things blurted out in a game of German word association, probably right behind “luxury cars” and “bratwurst.”

    And their not just brewing Duff-style stuff in Germany either, they’re making all kinds of varieties and styles. In fact, nearly each and every region in the country is known for a unique style, and here are a handful to look for on your next German vacation or river cruise.


    A light ale, Kölsch is the signature beer of Cologne, and in fact, a beer cannot be called Kölsch if it hasn’t been brewed inside this Rhine-side city. While it may look like a pilsner, it’s technically an ale, but one brewed to be see-through straw yellow in appearance, and taste the utmost of light and thirst-quenching. Kölsch is typically poured out of wooden barrels in a traditional Brauhaus, and then served by notoriously abrupt waiters who keep bringing beer after beer unless you specifically tell them to stop. You probably won’t.

    Tip on where to sip it: Früh Brauhaus - a fun beer hall a stone’s throw from the famous Cologne Cathedral.


    Originating in the town of Goslar near the Harz Mountains, the ever-so-slightly-sour Gose beer style became wildly popular in the city of Leipzig. The beer was sold in hundreds of beer halls there before its popularity dwindled and it faded from production around World War 2. Around the turn of this century though, it began to be brewed again in Leipzig, and the beer has now come full circle, even being made by dozens of American craft outfits. There’s no better place to try this uniquely refreshing beer that is brewed with a touch of salt and cilantro than in Leipzig. 

    Tip on where to sip it: Ritterguts Brewery - this brew house in Leipzig is at the forefront of the great Gose revival.


    My personal favorite, Weissbier is the speciality of Bavaria - Germany’s largest and southernmost state. Weissbier is an ale, cloudy and golden honeycomb in appearance, tasting of wheat, clove, and even a touch of banana and bubblegum (it’s true, I promise!). The thick and creamy head on top of a tall weissbier is the icing on the cake, and this beer pairs perfectly with the hearty food Bavaria is famous for.

    Tip on where to sip it: Andechser Dom - this city center Munich outlet of the famous Andechs Monastery & Brewery serves up fresh weissbier on tap. 

    Smoked Beer (Rauchbier)

    Smoked beer is an amber and caramel-colored lager that has been made with malt that has been toasted over an open flame. This results in a rich and smoky flavor in your beer, and while perfect for pairing with pork and other meaty dishes, is definitely a ‘love it and want more of it’ or ‘hate it’ kind of brew. You have to try it once though, just to see which side you’ll fall on.

    Tip on where to sip it: Bamberg, Bavaria is the epicenter of smoked beer, with the Schlenkerla Brewery the most popular place to try it.

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