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  • Nicole Connolly | June 2, 2015 11:00 PM ET

    4 Reasons You Should Experience Luxury Travel

    4 Reasons You Should Experience Luxury Travel

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    Oftentimes going on vacation is a bit like a bargain hunt. It seems like we comb through massive amounts of online discount travel sites in hopes of snagging a great deal. We can spend hours or even days poring through content just because we think we might find a cheaper hotel room, or a better travel package. However, there is something to be said for luxury travel. Everyone should experience it at least once in his or her lifetime. Also, it is not as expensive as you might think if you are willing to be flexible and do some homework.

    With that in mind, let's take a look at a few of the reasons why everyone should experience a five-star travel experience.

    Better Hotels

    This is perhaps the best reason of all. How many times have you stayed in a budget friendly hotel to be disgusted by sheets that aren't very clean, or that on smell that you just can't put your finger, or rather your nose on? Well, when you travel luxury-style those things simply don’t happen. If you want to make it a bit budget friendly, then search travel sites well ahead of time and let them know your dates are flexible. You might be surprised at the cost of a five star hotel room if you are willing to visit in the off-season.

    Better Food

    If you're tired of fast food, then welcome to humanity. I know that it is typically a lot easier to grab something on the go when you are traveling, but luxury travel is just so much better. Taking the time to seek out a choice restaurant is absolutely worth it, even if it's just once during your vacation. It will give your palate a break from the burger chains, and hopefully help curb your appetite for pizza as well. Ask the staff at your hotel for recommendations and they will be happy to oblige.

    Amazing Shopping

    When you travel and stay in luxury hotels, you will often have access to some of the best shopping imaginable as well. These are not your typical chain stores, but are more in line with high-end boutiques or single brand designer shops. Take your time and explore all of the options before you go, to make the most of your experience.

    First Class Treatment

    Finally, you get treated like a king or a queen, even if only for a day. There's nothing like being pampered and doted over while you are away. This happens in every aspect whether it is your first class plane ticket, to your luxury spa treatment, or the waiter who recommends a fine wine for you to enjoy with your meal. There's nothing like being treated this way, and in fact you deserve it (hey, you paid extra for it) so expect it when you travel in style.

    By now, you get the point. There are many other reasons I could list, but the bottom line is there is simply nothing else like it. Getting pampered and spoiled, treating yourself to amazing food, buying unique high-end items, and staying in a five star room just make you feel that much better. After all, isn't that what vacation is supposed to be? When you return you should feel refreshed, recharged, and relaxed. This makes you more productive at work, and also allows you to look forward to the next time you get to steal away.


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Nicole Connolly Suitcase Stories' Luxe Life Travel Tales and Tips

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