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5 Amazing Sights You Can't Miss On Kauai Island

5 Amazing Sights You Can't Miss On Kauai Island

Kauai is one of the greenest islands in Hawaii, hence the nickname “garden island.” This also means it rains here a lot, but it shouldn't stop you from visiting this incredible piece of paradise on earth!

With its fascinating landscape, ringed by the dreamy Pacific Ocean, Kauai has more to offer than many visitors have time for. To help you plan your travels and give you a taste of what treasures Kauai holds, have a look at these five amazing sites across the island.

1. Emerald-green Na Pali Coast

The breathtaking Na Pali Coast is the number one attraction to visit during your stay on the garden island. Located on the North Shore of Kauai, it's perfect for trekking and was used often as the backdrop in the movie Jurassic Park.

To start your panoramic trek along the emerald-green cliffs, drive to the Ke’e Beach where you will be able to park your vehicle. Take the jaw-dropping Kalalau Trail and enjoy panoramic vistas across the sparkling Pacific Ocean.

Make sure to come to the coast prepared. The trail looks easy to start with, but it will soon get slippery and challenging. It's best to ditch your flip-flops, wear something more comfortable and don't over pack.

You can do the trek in one day or break it up and camp at the beach of Hanakoa. After a good nights rest, hopefully uninterrupted by a T.Rex roar, finish your hike at the gorgeous Kalalau Beach.

If you are not up for a 22-mile round trip hike and have some cash to spare, a helicopter ride is a popular option to see the magnificent coastline. There are also guided kayaking tours in the summer time.

2. Quintessential Hanalei town

It's hard to miss this charming little town, with a population of under 500, which sits on the main road to the Na Pali Coast. It's home to some great restaurants serving delicious food and refreshing Mai Tai's. You'll also find coffee shops brewing some great Kona coffee, art galleries, and fresh fruit and smoothie stalls.

hanalei town hawaii

This picture-perfect Hawaiian town really has it all and was also used as a backdrop in several film productions such as “South Pacific,” “The Descendants” starring George Clooney as well as “Twin Peaks.”

Surrounded by a wonderful Pacific setting, the atmospheric Wai’oli Hui’ia Church will steal your heart. Make sure to peak inside, the stained glass is gorgeous.

After a hearty breakfast or lunch, head to laze about or catch the waves at the beautiful crescent-shaped Hanalei Bay. It can get slightly crowded during the summer months, but the wide coastline is very accommodating.

3. Romantic Tunnels Beach

Even if you have little time on Kauai, make Tunnels beach a priority. Located on Highway 560 just before the famous Na Pali Coast, in the shadow of the stunning Mount Makana, it's perfect for a lazy day with a book.

The beach is also a supreme snorkeling spot for those interested in underwater activities, but bear in mind that the ocean gets pretty rough during winter months.

The beach is simply beautiful and makes it an ideal spot for a romantic sunset wedding, in case you were thinking of good locations to get hitched!

4. Waimea, The Great Canyon of the Pacific


For a scenic hike and panoramic views head to the South Sore of Kauai. North of Waimea town, where Captain Cook landed in 1778, you will find the Great Canyon of the Pacific soaring 4,200 feet above the sea level.

wimea canyon

The Koke’e Road will take you to the Koke'e State Park complete with walking trails and picnic areas. The main Waimea Canyon Drive will get you to the higher and pretty spectacular lookout points.

For a fun day out, grab a wooden hiking stick and check out the Waipo’o Waterfall. Make your way down into the 3,600-foot deep canyon and then come back up following the trail for breathtaking ridged landscapes.

5. Show Stopper: Wailua Falls

For those interested in the off beaten path attractions, head to the East Coast of Kauai. Just North of Lihue at the south end of Wailua river you will find the 2 tiered Wailua Falls, an absolute show stopper.

Apart from being spectacular, the falls are also easily accessible from the main road. Cascading down into the turquoise pool the falls make a pretty cool attraction for passersby.

Legend has it that the ancient Hawaiian men jumped from the top to prove their worth, these days, however, it's not recommended.

If not only for the weather, visit the island of Kauai for all of its wonders and fill your heart with some Hawaiian Aloha!

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