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    5 Can't-Miss Attractions in Mexico City

    5 Can't-Miss Attractions in Mexico City

    Mexico City has a poor reputation for being overpopulated, polluted and crime plagued. However, visiting this bustling city as a tourist will no doubt be a positive experience for you. Provided you keep your wits about you and aren't flashing around cash and valuables, you won't be bothered by anyone. The people are friendly, the sights are great and the food is fantastic!

    There is an endless amount of things to do in this amazing city, but here are our Top 5:

    1. Visit the ancient site of Teotihuacan

    This wonderful site was established around 100 B.C. Arriving at the vast city, you may feel overwhelmed. But with a little preparation, you'll be just fine. Bring a hat and lots of water as there is none for sale after the main entrance. The sun can be very intense here so lather on a lot of sunscreen. Once you've sorted out the sun situation, you can start wandering around. Greeting you will be the towering Sun Pyramid, which is said to have amazing energy surrounding it. You can hike up to the top for great views across the site. The Moon Pyramid, the Avenue of the Dead and the well-preserved murals are awe-inspiring as well.

    2. Go on a food tour

    The variety of food in Mexico City is indescribable. Everything from delicious street-snacks to upscale meals can be had here. For an authentic, off the beaten path experience, check out Eat Mexico's Merced Tour. This unique tour leads you through one of the biggest and busiest markets in the city. During your market trip, you'll sample blue corn tortillas with cactus, marinated beef tacos, vegetarian huraches, grilled pork tacos with grilled green onions, and much more!

    3. Explore the Zocalo and Cathedral

    This central square (Zocalo) is the perfect spot to begin your sightseeing day. This is one of the biggest squares in the world where people gather for events and celebrations. The towering Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary is stunning and is a great place to start your exploration of the area. Make sure to go inside the cathedral, as the architecture and design is superb. You can also see the National Palace, Federal District Buildings, Old Portal de Mercaderes and more. At the center of the square is a massive Mexican flag, which is ceremoniously raised and lowered each day.

    The beautiful Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary!

    4. Visit the National Anthropology Museum

    This attraction is by far the most visited one in all of Mexico. The museum houses important archaeological and anthropological artifacts from Mexico's pre-Hispanic heritage. One of the most incredible items is the Stone of the Sun, which is the Aztec calendar stone, weighing in at around 25 tons! Due to its size and amazing exhibits, the building may seem overwhelming. Some people opt to visit it in two days rather than one.

    5. Watch Mexican Wresting

    Mexican wrestling, or Luca Libre, is very popular in the city. Colorful masks, fast/rapid moves and high-flying maneuvers are characteristics of this crazy sport! The spectators really get into the matches, with the crowd going wild practically the whole night. Visit the Arena Mexico either independently, or with a tour, and enjoy the show!

    Have you been to Mexico City before? What would you add to this list?


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