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    5 Tips To Make the Most of a Trip to Milford Sound, New Zealand

    5 Tips To Make the Most of a Trip to Milford Sound, New Zealand

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    Milford Sound is definitely one of the most beautiful natural features in all of New Zealand, and in a country as jaw-dropping as this one, that’s really saying something. While the stunning natural scenery of this fjord filled with serene water and crowned by peaks will make your day and perhaps even your entire holiday, there are a few things you can do to make your trip there just a little better.

    Spend the Night

    While Milford Sound can certainly be done as a day trip from Queenstown (it’s a four-hour bus ride), and many, many, travelers take this route, I think you should skip the day trip and instead stay the night at Milford Sound.

    Something’s not right with me about getting shuttled in and shuttled right back out when nature is this glorious, and at the very least it deserves a night of your trip. Within walking distance of Milford Sound is the Milford Sound Lodge, home to stylish modern chalets and budget bunk beds, a babbling brook, and absolutely priceless views of the stars at night. The bottom line is that staying a night or two at Milford Sound allows you to take your time breathing the whole experience in without having to keep an eye on your watch for the return bus trip.

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    Go to the Grocery Store Before You Go

    If you are going to heed my advice and spend some quality time at Milford Sound, you should stock up on snacks and drinks before you go. Supplies are in pretty short supply there, with only two real cafes selling provisions. Even if you don’t listen to me and take the four-hour bus trip in and out on the same day, you’ll be happy to have a Whittaker’s Peanut Slab with you for the journey.

    Do Your Due Diligence on Discounts

    While kayaking and hiking are popular ways of exploring the sound area’s beauty, the quintessential way of seeing Milford Sound is by cruise, and there are several brands offering tours. As per usual in this type of situation, competition is fierce, and many brands lure customers in with coupons and discounts of some sort, some tied with car rental companies.

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    Wear Waterproof

    This should be a given, but it bears repeating: wear waterproof clothes to Milford Sound. You know the type — it’s light, breathable, warm, and even though I hate this word I am going to type it anyway: wicking. Milford Sound is in a very wet area of the world — this is part of the reason for the lush landscape — and even if you catch Milford Sound on a sunny day, your cruise will likely get up close and personal to a couple of waterfalls.

    Speaking of that ….

    Whatever You Do, Don’t Volunteer to Fill Up a Cup With Waterfall Water

    On the cruise we took, they asked for suckers, I mean “volunteers,” to go outside on the deck and use a tiny plastic cup to fill up water from a waterfall. This was meant to illustrate how clean and refreshing the water was and how you could just swig it right down. Well, it turned out it was more of an occasion to soak the sucker who volunteered. Don’t be like me and end up wet and shivering. Bad times.

    Go forth to Milford Sound my friends, have fun, and please say hi to the seals for me. 


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