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    5 Ways to Enjoy Brighton, England

    5 Ways to Enjoy Brighton, England

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    I recently visited Brighton, England for the very first time, and as I was expecting, I had a pleasant time eating food, drinking drinks, and seeing stuff by the seaside there. Since I'm a newly minted internet expert on the city, I figured I would share some things to do in Brighton with you and then maybe you can go there and do them too. Sound good? Good. 

    1. Peer at the Pier

    I'm going to tell it to you straight, Brighton Pier is a bit cheesy and a tad played out. But that's what makes it great! It's the only place in town where you can lose money trying to grab a teddy bear with an electric claw, get your fortune told by Zoltan, and then jump straight on a carnival ride. I recommend a long stroll through through the pier silently pointing at the old games on display and reminiscing about the old days. Whatever you do though, don't try and shake the heck out of that one game that has all the coins that keep inching closer and closer to the edge but never falling off, they get mad when you do that. 

    2. Veg Out at the Prince George

    An act of outright treason in some public houses, the Prince George proudly serves an exclusively vegetarian pub menu. You should know from the top that Brighton is a quirky kind of place, and part of that quirk is an abundance of vegetarian and vegan dining options. The falafel burger I mowed down at the Prince George was a moist mindblower. Don't worry, just because it's not made of meat doesn't mean you miss out on the crisp fried chips slathered in ketchup on the side, almost as equal a part of the burger experience in my opinion.  

    3. Watch the Sunset From the Beach (well, kinda)

    Before I came to Brighton, I was under the impression that you could see the sun disappear into the sea every night from the beach. I suppose I should have looked at a map closer, because since Brighton more or less faces south, you don't get the whole "sun slowly sinking into the water" thing all year round (I'm being told it does happen in the winter time, though). Regardless, the beach is still a great place to go around sunset to admire some color in the sky and just chill. Make like the locals and grab a tall-boy can of cider or lager on your way down to the beach, it will keep you warm if you chill too much. 

    4. Pick a Laine

    Brighton is home to two prime places where restaurants, bars, and coffee shops congregate. One is called The Lanes, the other is called North Laine. I know it's confusing, but just stick with me here. From the best I could tell, The Lanes is your spot if you are shopping for jewelry or overpriced pitchers of beer. I will throw them a bone for having "windy streets perfect for getting lost on" though, because who doesn't love that. North Laine is definitely where it's at though, as this place is home to proper pubs and a more diverse range of shops with a slightly less tacky feel to it. This is where that great Prince George Pub was if you are wondering.  

    5. Grab a Chippy at Bardsley's 

    It is a well-known law in England that if you are by the sea, you have to spring for some fish and chips. We had a fantastic version at Bardsley's of Baker St., which is a true old school place only about a 15 minute stroll from Brighton Pier. They've been battering and frying fish here since the early part of last century and their expertise shines (fries?) through in the flavor. If you're lucky, you'll get to sit in the Max Miller room like we did, which is dedicated to the local entertainment legend who went by the nickname "the cheeky chappy."

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