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    6 Must-Do's in Melaka, Malaysia

    6 Must-Do's in Melaka, Malaysia

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    Before arriving in Southeast Asia, Melaka, Malaysia was one of the places I was most looking forward to. We had heard so many amazing — and delicious — things about the food, the architecture, and the unique melting pot history, that we were absolutely ecstatic to be finally seeing it for ourselves. In the game of travel, it's usually difficult to live up to that type of hype, but Melaka turned out to be one of those magical places that managed to pull it off. 

    I can't recommend a stop in this UNESCO World Heritage locale enough, and whether you stay for a few days, or remain pleasantly in place for a few weeks like we did, here are six of the many things to do in Melaka, Malaysia. 

    1. Walk The Walk

    The historic Chinatown core of Melaka is certainly the city's most shiny jewel, and its most sparkling street is no doubt Jalan Hang Jebat, or as it is more commonly called, Jonker Street. During the day, this thoroughfare is home to antique shops, cafes and galleries all housed in historic buildings, while Thursday through Sunday night, it bustles with the sights, sounds and smells of the world famous Jonker Walk Night Market, a lively curbside carnival full of arts, crafts and sizzling snacks.

    2. See Dutch Square

    The Dutch played a major role in Melaka's history, presiding over the town for nearly 200 years. And one of the most lasting memories of their presence is Dutch Square. The square is home to a handful of Dutch-built buildings and a fountain, with the star of the square being Christ Church. The house of worship was constructed in a Dutch Colonial style, and looks like something taken straight from Holland — and in fact much of the building materials were indeed shipped over.

    3. Eat, Sleep, Eat, Repeat

    As a result of the blending of cultures in Melaka, the food here is absolutely second-to-none. Malay, Chinese and Indian flavors abound all over town, with hawker centers and cafes offering tasty bites for very friendly prices. Our favorite dinner spot was the Jonker Street Hawker Center, located just a few blocks off Jonker Street, which featured nearly two dozen stalls and filled us up nearly every night with plates like shrimp noodles and sweet-and-sour pork. Creamy, spicy, laksa soup is another favorite in Melaka alongside the ubiquitous Chicken Rice balls, which are exactly what they sound like: little tasty rounds of chicken and rice.

    4. Learn About Baba Nyonya Culture

    Melaka is one of the cradles of Baba Nyonya culture — peoples of combined Chinese and Malay descent, and the city is home to an award-winning museum called the Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum.  At the museum, guests are treated to an educational tour through a stately historic home, which has been owned by the same family since the mid 1800s, offering a rare insight into this culture that has influenced so much of Melaka.

    5. Grab A Drink At Geographer's

    In a historic shophouse on Jonker Street, Geographer Cafe has been a favorite gathering place of travelers to Melaka for years. Having a drink here is a near rite of passage for people passing through town. The cafe draws a crowd every night with its unique mix of East-meets-West menu and graceful balconies lined with palms.

    6. Take a Ride

    Melaka is home to not just one, but two fun ways to see the town and have a tourist thrill at the same time. The Melaka River cuts right through town and each day pontoon-style river cruise boats ply the waters, giving tourists a great view of some of the prettiest buildings in town.

    Trishaws, on the other hand, stay on dry land. What makes the trishaws special is that each driver tries to outdo each other in colorful design and quality of music playing for guests, which all leads to a memorable pedal-powered experience to say the least.

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