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    6 Reasons to Choose Chiapas

    6 Reasons to Choose Chiapas

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    To many, including this humble blogging correspondent, Mexico’s southern state of Chiapas is one of the country’s most fascinating. Why? Well, because Chiapas is rich in heritage and overstocked with stunning scenes like rushing rivers, rough rainforests and jungle-clad mountains. And when you throw in a group of gorgeous colonial towns, you’ve got something really special. It’s a region that feels one part Mexican, one part Mesoamerican, one part mystery, and all parts awesome.

    Here are six of my favorite reasons to choose Chiapas:

    The Mystifying Palenque Ruins

    Ancient ruins can be found all over Mexico, but a select few are absolute must-sees, and the UNESCO World Heritage Palenque Ruins are assuredly one of them. A mesmerizing complex of palaces, step pyramids (including the Temple of Inscriptions, which is the largest of its kind in Mexico), and temples, Palenque’s dramatic mountain surrounds make the experience all the more enchanting. Only a small portion of the overgrown ruins have actually been excavated and made accessible, which means the treasure on display is just the tip of the potential iceberg.

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    Colonial Towns

    San Cristobal de las Casas is the poster child for Chiapas colonial towns, and it’s easy to see why. Gorgeous architecture, haunting churches, and nearby cultural sites, combined with a laid-back vibe make the town a must-stop when in Chiapas. Nearby Comitan competes on beauty points, no doubt, but is best enjoyed as a quiet and relatively undiscovered alternative, if you’re seeking that sort of thing. Regardless, you’ll want to spend a few nights in San Cristobal eating delicious vegetarian food, having drinks on the main drag, and hanging with the free-spirited folks that call it home.

    The San Cris’ Sunsets

    In San Cris’, the steamy jungles on the outskirts cause walls of puffy white clouds to billow up each afternoon, which then get painted all sorts of kaleidoscopic colors by the setting sun. I was there in April, so technically your experience could vary, but regardless, I can guarantee you that if you climb the steps of the gorgeous Guadalupe Church like we did, at the very least, you’ll get to see the sun sinking behind majestic mountain peaks, a scene that can make a heart skip a beat. 

    Canyon Country

    An exhilarating day trip from nearly anywhere in Chiapas, Sumidero Canyon is one of the grandest in North America. Typically, the iconic walls of Sumidero Canyon (they’re even featured on the Chiapas’ state seal) are best experienced by boat, with a tour on its waves offering up close views of waterfalls, rapids, wildlife, and the rocky cliffs above. 

    Choco-Coff Central

    The jungles and rainforests of Chiapas are incubators for some of the finest coffee and chocolate in all of Mexico, or the world for that matter, and getting your hands on mind-blowing samples is spectacularly easy here. I can personally vouch for Cacao Nativa, after a rough travel day, they made our first night in town magically melty and delicious and I’m sure they will do you right, too.

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    Enthralling Indigenous Culture

    Chiapas is full of slices of indigenous (Pre-Hispanic) communities that have managed to survive the centuries and, to a degree, thrive. Visiting these communities offers authentic insights into a way of life that faded away in many parts of Mexico, and will show you yet another side of this fascinating country. 

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