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    7 Must-Try Mexican Meals

    7 Must-Try Mexican Meals

    Mexican food is filled with bold flavors and as much heat as you can handle! In the north, we think Mexican food is basically hard taco shells filled with ground beef, or a piled-high plate of nachos smothered in melted cheese, jalapeno, and onions. This type of food is actually known as "Tex-Mex" and is sort of the North American version of what we think is real Mexican food. After travelling and eating our way through this southern country, we have to report that we didn't see any of the Mexican foods that we were used to seeing back home! Tacos are soft-shelled, rather than hard. Burritos aren't a typical Mexican meal, and if we saw nachos, they were only covered with a bit of cheese and refried black beans. Here are some authentic, must-try Mexican meals:

    Chile Relleno

    These stuffed Poblano peppers are fantastic! The peppers are stuffed with cheese before being dipped into an egg batter and fried. A plate will typically come with some rice and vegetables and the fried pepper will be covered in spicy salsa. Yum!


    The complex mole sauce typically has between 20 and 26 ingredients. There are many types of mole sauces, with poblano being the most popular, it's even considered the national dish of Mexico! The main ingredients in the poblano sauce are chocolate and peppers, and it is typically served over turkey. The State of Oaxaca has been dubbed "the Land of the 7 Moles", due to its love affair and creation of many mole sauces. Make sure to try chicken covered with mole sauce, it's fabulous.

    Sopa de Lima

    This flavorful soup is found in the Yucatan area. It's made with shredded or turkey or chicken, onions, tomatoes, crushed tortilla chips, and lime and spices. It's a great lunch option, with some even enjoying it for breakfast.


    We've seen sopes made two different ways: either with a thick corn tortilla base, or a very thin one. Both are fried lightly on a flat-top grill and topped with meats, cheese and sauce. Try the chorizo!


    This street food is a classic. A pocket made from (you guessed it) corn flour is stuffed with your choice of ingredients. Some popular options are BBQ'd chicken, grilled pork, crumbled chorizo or for the vegetarians, you can opt for beans or eggs. After the pocket is filled, it is then slightly grilled.


    Huarache is a type of sandal in Mexico, but it's also a sandal-shaped snack food. The base dough is thicker than that of a taco and it's fried in oil on a flat-top grill. Once fried, it's topped with queso fresco cheese, your choice of meat, salsas, cilantro and onions.


    Tamales are made from cornmeal and can sometimes be stuffed with meat or even cheese. Plain tamales are often just the flavour of the corn, and some spices. Traditionally, tamales were wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked in the ground in a Mayan earth oven called a "pibil", these days, they are typically steamed inside of a corn husk in a pot.

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