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  • Nicole Connolly | July 4, 2015 9:00 PM ET

    7 of the Most Unique Museums in the World

    7 of the Most Unique Museums in the World

    Photo of Underwater Museum exhibit via Twitter

    For much of human history, we have been collecting things and enshrining them in museums. Throughout the centuries, we have developed some pretty impressive displays. However, there are always those museums that are unique, just off the beaten path, and pay homage to things that, well, they're just downright weird. Following is a list of those museums. Enter at your own risk — these collections are bizarre.

    Underwater Museum — Cancun, Mexico

    To see this collection in full, you will have to don a pair of fins and some scuba gear. But some of it is actually viewable via a glass bottom boat tour from which you can snorkel. The coolest part about the museum, besides the surreal aspect of hundreds of clay figures lining the ocean floor, is that they are each made from clay that is pH neutral. This actually encourages marine growth. So one day, these clay figurines will be festooned with a multitude of varied sea life.

    Broken Relationships Museum — Zagreb, Croatia

    Artists Draven Grubisic and Olinka Vistica enshrined these relics as a means of healing from their own horrible, broken relationships. Since their initial “curating,” the collection has grown to include items left over from broken relationships spanning the globe. Translation: donations are accepted. This is the perfect time to unload that bad photo booth photo you've been hanging onto, or that teddy bear from a former lover.

    Phallological Museum — Reykjavik, Iceland

    OK, so this is perhaps the only museum in the world that pays homage to the male, how shall we say this, reproductive organ. Yes, that's it, the male reproductive organ. The good thing about the museum, if you can consider this a good thing, is that it will allow you to quell your sense of curiosity. For instance, if you're curious as to how you might stack up against a blue whale reproductive organ, you can find out here. They have penis specimens from just about every mammal.

    Franz Kafka Museum — Prague, Czech Republic

    If you are a literary major then Franz Kafka is no stranger to you. However, should you take your nonliterary major friends along to the museum of his namesake in the Czech Republic, some explaining might be in order. In particular, the penal colony torture device as well as a few other statues featuring man urinating into the same pond while holding their reproductive organ in their hands. Yes, make sure your friends understand the symbolism so the experience of the museum does not boil down to immature eighth-grade jokes.

    International UFO Museum — Roswell, New Mexico

    This museum actually doubles as a research center. For years now people have believed that the government has had direct contact with alien life and has been keeping it secret from the public. The museum explores this idea and thoroughly states its case in a way that is entertaining to both the true believer and hardened skeptic. Take a trip and see for yourself, just don't get abducted.

    Condom Museum — Nonthaburi, Thailand

    Okay so this museum makes a lot more sense when you understand that Thailand is the world's largest condom manufacturer. Even at that though, the museum is quite small. It only features two rooms. However, those rooms are more than large enough to contain condoms produced from just about every era. There's even a designated area that is used to demonstrate the strength and durability of condoms. If you did not want to go before, knowing that last bit of information might just tip the scale!

    Mini Bottle Museum — Oslo, Norway

    There are a couple of interesting things about this museum. For starters, it was born out of a hobby. The owner liked mini bottles and decided to start collecting them. Now, his collection features tiny bottles collected from almost every part of the globe. Second, there is a bar… Need I say more? Third, rather than take the stairs on your way out, why not hit the slide? You can exit in grand fashion that way.

    Now feel free to return to your normal life of enjoying fine museums filled with priceless relics and costly art. These museums listed above represent some of the not so common collections. Yet, to the museum curator, I'm sure the works contained therein are just as priceless.


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