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7 Travel Planners Tips On Winter Getaway Savings

7 Travel Planners Tips On Winter Getaway Savings

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Whether headed to the tropics or a ski slope, travel-related price increases around the holidays can hit the wallet hard — but Travel Planners International says it doesn’t have to.

The host agency has laid out seven tips to ease the financial impact of a winter getaway:

Buy a Vacation Package That Includes Air and Hotel

This is a common, money-saving offer by resorts, and may include a free night or food and drink discounts.

Choose the Right Card and Phone Plan

Watch for debit card fees when using an ATM for that optimized currency exchange rate. Transaction fees for credit card purchases could occur as well — definitely read the fine print.

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Forget about Paying for Stuff You Don’t Need

Separate the “need” from the “want” in terms of purchases. Better to bring a spare pair of sunglasses instead of buying them.

Make Sure Transfers Are Included

Shelling out extra money for public transportation or Uber to get to and from the hotel and airport will be unnecessary if transfers are part of the package.

Pre-Book Excursions and Tours

Carefully choosing and paying for excursions and tours ahead of time saves cash — just resist the urge to buy extra activities during the trip.

Think about Baggage Fees

“When in doubt, leave it out!” to avoid baggage-related costs. Family accouterments like strollers can be rented, and you can book an airline that doesn’t charge baggage fees or one that doesn’t charge for the first checked bag.

Travel During Non-Peak Travel Times

Or you could just not travel during the holidays at all. It may involve taking the kids out of school for a time, but it’s definitely cheaper and less stressful to do non-peak travel.

For more on these money-saving tips and winter getaway planning, visit Travel Planners International’s blog.